Truss Pins and Clips
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Truss Pins and Clips (12 Pack)

Dependable Truss Security with Titan AV Pins & R Clips
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    Ensure the stability and safety of your AV setups with Titan AV Truss Pins & Clips. This 12-pack set is designed for securing your 290 and 400 truss, providing reliable support for any event or installation.

    Why Choose Titan AV Truss Pins & Clips?

    • Unmatched Security: Our truss pins and double coil R clips offer a superior grip, ensuring your truss components remain securely fastened even during intense performances or events.
    • Versatile Compatibility: Perfectly suited for both 290 and 400 series trussing, these truss pins and clips are essential for any AV setup, whether you're an amateur or a professional.
    • Ease of Use: Lightweight and compact, these truss pins and double coil R clips are easy to fit, remove, and reuse, streamlining your setup and teardown processes.
    • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials, our truss pins and clips are built to withstand the rigors of frequent use, providing long-lasting reliability.
    • Comprehensive Solution: This 12-pack ensures you have enough pins and clips to secure your truss setup.

    Product Details:

    • Pack Size: 12 Truss Pins & Clips
    • Compatibility: 290 and 400 series trussing
    • Material: High-quality, durable construction
    • Design: Double coil R clips for enhanced grip and stability

    Upgrade your AV setups with Titan AV Trussing. Secure your truss structures with confidence and experience the difference in stability and safety that high-quality truss pins and clips can make.