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          Meet our Titan AV powerCON Cable – the ultimate lockable AC connector designed to elevate your audio-visual experience. Whether you're powering up your lighting rigs, amplifiers, or industrial machinery, the powerCON power cable ensures a secure and reliable connection every time. Join us as we dive into the unmatched performance and versatility of Titan AV PowerCON cables, setting the standard for power delivery in the AV industry.

          1.5m PowerCON Cable


          2m PowerCON Cable


          3m PowerCON Cable


          5m PowerCON Cable


          7m PowerCON Cable


          10m PowerCON Cable


          1.5m PowerCON Power Cable with Piggy Back Plug


          2m PowerCON Power Cable with Piggy Back Plug


          3m PowerCON Power Cable with Piggy Back Plug


          5m PowerCON Power Cable with Piggy Back Plug


          7m PowerCON Power Cable with Piggy Back Plug


          10m PowerCON Power Cable with Piggy Back Plug


          Titan AV PowerCON Cable

          At Titan AV, we understand the power of seamless connectivity, which is why we're proud to present our range of PowerCON cables. Engineered to meet the demands of professionals and enthusiasts alike, our PowerCON cables offer unrivaled durability, performance, and peace of mind. With a robust locking mechanism and high-quality construction, Titan AV PowerCON cable delivers power with precision, ensuring your equipment stays powered up when it matters most.

          People also ask

          • What is PowerCON used for?

            Neutrik PowerCON connectors are commonly used to provide power to audio, lighting, and industrial equipment. With their secure locking mechanism, PowerCON cables offer a reliable connection, making them ideal for live performances, installations, and industrial applications.

          • What is the difference between a PowerCON cable and PowerCON Power Cable?

            The term "PowerCON cable" generally refers to cables equipped with PowerCON connectors on both ends, while "PowerCON Power Cable" specifically denotes a cable designed for power transmission. Titan AV PowerCON Power Cables come with a Piggy Back Plug for added power convenience.

          • What amp is a Titan AV PowerCON cable?

            Our Titan AV PowerCON cables boast a voltage rating of 240V and a sturdy 10A current capacity, ensuring reliable power delivery to your devices. With a robust 3-core design and 8mm thickness, these cables are built to handle the demands of professional environments.

          • Where to buy a PowerCON cable near me?

            You can purchase our premium Neutrik PowerCON cables online, with convenient Australia-wide delivery. If you're in the Brisbane area, why not visit our warehouse for a hands-on experience? Pick up your PowerCON cable in person and explore our range firsthand.

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