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          Explore the versatility of Titan AV hexa plywood. Available in various thicknesses, our laminated plywood with a hexa pattern is the ideal choice for hands-on enthusiasts crafting their own flight cases. Elevate your van conversion interiors with the sleek touch of black laminate and hexa plywood.

          Shipping Hexa Plywood

          Get your 1220 x 1220 laminated plywood delivered anywhere in Australia. For larger sizes, swing by our Brisbane warehouse and pick up the 2440 x 1200 hexa plywood. Elevate your projects with Titan AV laminated plywood – your go-to hexa plywood suppliers in Brisbane.

          9mm Plywood Sheet in Black Hexa Laminate, 1220 x 1220


          15mm Plywood in Black Hexa Laminate, 1220 x 1220


          18mm Black Plywood in Hexa Laminate, 1220 x 1220


          9mm Black Hexa Laminate Plywood, 2440 x 1220


          12mm Black Laminated HexaPly, 2440 x 1220


          15mm Black Hexa Laminated Plywood, 2440 x 1220


          18mm Black Hexa Laminate Plywood, 2440 x 1220


          Titan AV's Hexa Plywood

          Looking for straightforward durability and versatility? Our Hexa Plywood is your answer. Crafted by bonding thin wood veneers, these laminated plywood sheets offer a world of applications, made even better with our hexa plywood in black.

          • Strength: Titan AV Hexa Plywood is robust and built to last.
          • Durability: With a solid construction, it's your reliable choice for various projects.
          • Lightweight: Easy to handle without compromising on strength.
          • Eco-friendly: A sustainable choice for your construction needs.
          • Laminated Protection: Resists environmental effects, moisture, water, and chemicals, making it ideal for diverse applications.

          What is Laminated Plywood?

          Plywood is a simple yet sturdy material created by bonding thin wood veneers, known as plies. Laminated Plywood refers to Plywood with a laminate or film face applied directly to one or both of the surfaces on a raw Plywood substrate. Our collection includes laminated plywood sheets with a sleek hexa pattern black laminate.

          What Hexa Plywood sizes and thickness do you offer?

          Choose from our 2400 x 1200 and 1200 x 1200 sheets of laminated plywood, available in thicknesses of 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 18mm.

          Where can I pick up Hexa Plywood near me?

          Titan AV offers Australia-wide delivery for our 1200 x 1200 sheets of laminated plywood via our online store. Larger sheets are available for Click & Collect from our Brisbane warehouse for those in the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, or greater South East Queensland area.

          Experience the durability and style of Titan AV Hexa Plywood – your straightforward solution for a variety of projects. Order online for nationwide delivery or visit our Brisbane warehouse for Click & Collect.

          People also ask

          • What is Hexa Plywood used for?

            Hexa plywood finds its place in exteriors, interiors, furniture, and more. Titan AV customers love it for road case construction, while van conversion businesses opt for our black plywood for stylish campervan interiors.

          • What are the advantages of Plywood and Laminated Plywood?

            Plywood is strong, durable, lightweight, and eco-friendly. Our laminated plywood goes the extra mile, resisting environmental conditions, moisture, water, and chemicals, ensuring longevity and durability.

          • Is Hexa Plywood waterproof?

            While common plywood can swell and lose shape when exposed to water, our laminated plywood offers increased resistance. Though not completely waterproof, proper sealing of edges during installation can enhance its water resistance, making it a reliable choice.

          • Which Laminated Plywood is best for building a road case?

            Choosing the right plywood is crucial for your DIY road case project. We recommend plywood sheets in 9mm thickness for a balance of robustness and portability or opt for heavy-duty 12mm ply for added sturdiness. Titan AV plywood sheets are favoured by campervan fitout makers in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast - Mad Wild Campers & ReVanped - ensuring reliability and quality. Explore our plywood sheets range, including eye-catching black laminated plywood in a hexa pattern, for a durable and stylish customised case.

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