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          Explore our range of Titan AV cable management, rack mount accessories, wall mount and floor standing server cabinets.

          1RU 6 Way PDU with Overload Protection


          1RU 19" Cantilever Rack Shelf, 280mm Deep


          Server Cabinet Cage Nuts & Screws, Pack of 20


          Titan AV 19" 1RU Sliding Shelf, 350mm Deep


          2U Rack Drawer, 350mm Deep


          Hook & Loop Cable Tie, 250mm, Black, 10 pcs


          1RU Shelf, 200mm Deep


          4U Rack Drawer, 350mm Deep


          Titan AV 1RU 19" Cantilever Rack Shelf, 400mm Deep


          Titan AV 2RU 19" Cantilever Rack Shelf, 400mm Deep


          Titan AV 2RU 19" Cantilever Rack Shelf, 280mm Deep


          2RU 12 Way PDU with Overload Protection


          3U Rack Drawer, 350mm Deep


          Server Cabinet Cooling Double Roof Mount Fan Kit


          1RU Blank Panel


          2RU Blank Panel


          Frequently Asked Questions

          A server rack is like a special house for all your electrical equipment such as servers, routers, switches, monitoring equipment, hard drives + devices like your Foxtel box, Playstation, and Google Home. They are ideal for organisation as the vertical racks provide ample storage for all your digital equipment to reside in one place. Plus, it helps with things like airflow, cable management, and keeping tech things safe. It's a smart move if you want to make the most of your space and leave room to grow down the line.

          When you're picking out a server rack, you want to consider a few things. First off, take a look at how much space you've got. You need a rack that fits nicely in your area. Also, think about the size of your equipment. You don't want anything sticking out or being too cramped. If you plan on expanding later, keep that in mind too.

          Are all server racks the same width? Yes, most rack-mounted equipment have a ‘rack standard’ mounting width of 19 inches measured from one hole to another. That way, your equipment can easily fit and get mounted in the rack. 

          Racks are vertically measured in these things called rack units (RU). Each RU is around 1.75 inches tall. So, if you've got a big piece of gear that's 4RU, it's gonna take up about 7 inches of space in the rack. Oh and don't forget to check the depth and weight capacity of the rack. You wanna make sure it can handle your gear without any issues. If you’d like to learn more about picking the right server cabinet for you, checkout our blog.

          Yep, weight and load limits are important to keep things from getting overloaded and damaged inside your server rack. Each rack has its own weight capacity. Take into account the heaviest equipment you have and any extras like shelves. It's a good idea to leave a bit of extra space for future gear too. That way, your rack can handle the load without any problems and everything stays in one piece.

          Keeping things cool in your server rack is super important to avoid overheating. Look for racks with built-in ventilation, doors or panels with holes, and cable management features that help with airflow. If you need some extra cooling power, you can use roof mount or rack mount fans. They'll make sure everything stays at the right temperature, especially if you have a lot of gear or if it gets really hot where you are.

          Having organised cables in your server rack is a big deal. It keeps things tidy, prevents cable mishaps, and makes it easier to fix stuff if something goes wrong. Use cable management solutions like rails, lacing bars, and brush panels to keep those cables dust free and in line. You can even label them and use different colored cable ties to make things easier to find. Good cable management also helps with airflow and makes it simpler to add or change equipment later on.

          Absolutely! You can often customise or modify your server rack to make it just right for you. Some racks have adjustable mounting rails so you can move things around. Others have removable shelves, drawers, and panels to fit different gear sizes and shapes. And there are plenty of accessories like power units, cable organisers, and blank panels that you can add to customise your rack system.

          You bet! Security is key when it comes to your gear. No matter where you buy your server rack, look for enclosed racks with doors, panels, and covers that you can lock up to keep out any unwanted visitors. 

          Open racks and enclosed racks (or cabinets) are like two different styles with their own pros and cons.

          Open-frame racks have a simpler design, are more compact (ideal for tight spaces) and show off your gear. They're good if you need to get to your equipment a lot, and they're usually cheaper.

          Enclosed racks, on the other hand, have more security, protect your gear from dust, and manage heat better. They're great if you want extra protection or if you're in a place where cooling is really important. Think about what you need, how secure you want things to be, and how much space you have before making your choice.

          There are loads of cool extras you can get to level up your server rack. Cable management stuff like trays, ties, and bars will keep everything organized. Power distribution units (PDUs) give you more outlets and surge protection.

          Cooling options like rack mount and roof mount fans help with temperature control. Shelves and drawers provide extra storage space. Blank panels fill empty spaces and help with airflow. And if you have equipment that doesn't fit in a rack, you can get 19” rack shelves and rails to make it work.

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