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          What is EVA Foam?

          Step into the world of EVA foam, short for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate foam, a true jack-of-all-trades and a superhero of the material world. It's a robust closed-cell foam with a charm all its own, touting top-notch cushioning, marvellous impact resistance, unbeatable flexibility, and first-rate thermal insulation properties. Light as a feather, resistant to water, and a breeze to work with, it's no wonder EVA foam is the darling of industries like manufacturing, arts and crafts, sports, and packaging, just to name a few.

          EVA 1000x1000x3mm, High Density Closed Cell Foam


          EVA 1000x1000x5mm, High Density Closed Cell Foam


          EVA 1000x1000x8mm, High Density Closed Cell Foam


          EVA 1000x1000x15mm, High Density Closed Cell Foam


          EVA 1000x1000x20mm, High Density Closed Cell Foam


          EVA 1000x1000x30mm, High Density Closed Cell Foam


          EVA High Density Closed Cell Foam, 1000x1000x40mm


          EVA High Density Closed Cell Foam, 1000x1000x50mm


          EVA 1000x1000x30mm, Blue High Density Closed Cell Foam


          EVA 1000x1000x30mm, Black & Yellow Shadow Foam, High Density Closed Cell Foam


          EVA 1000x1000x30mm, Yellow High Density Closed Cell Foam


          Recurve Bow Archery Foam Kit, 3 x EVA High Density Closed Cell Foam 1000x1000x40mm


          Compound Bow Archery Foam Kit, 4 x EVA High Density Closed Cell Foam 1000x1000x40mm


          EVA 2400x1200x40mm, High Density Closed Cell Foam


          EVA 2400x1200x30mm, High Density Closed Cell Foam


          What are the key features of Titan AV EVA Foam Sheets?

          Get ready to be dazzled by a few spectacular features that make our EVA foam truly stand out in the crowd:

          1. Sturdy As an Oak Designed to put up with a lot, our EVA foam laughs in the face of wear and tear, promising to serve you reliably for a long time.
          2. Shock Absorber Extraordinaire Thanks to the foam's closed-cell architecture, it's like a personal bodyguard, providing top-notch cushioning and absorbing shocks like a pro, ensuring whatever it's attached to remains safe and sound.
          3. Mould It, Shape It Our EVA foam is like putty in your hands. With superior elasticity and it being a cinch to cut, shape, and mould, it's suitable for any of your project's needs. It's like the rubber man of foams, bouncing back with impressive resilience even after prolonged compression.
          4. Water? No Problem The closed-cell structure of our EVA foam makes it act kind of like a raincoat – wonderfully water-resistant and a perfect fit for tasks that involve some moisture.
          5. Feather-Light Don't let its sturdiness fool you, our EVA foam is as light as a cloud. This makes it a joy to handle and transport, ensuring your projects don't end up heavier than necessary.
          6. A Barrier Against the Cold Our EVA foam offers excellent thermal insulation and acts as a trusty shield against temperature fluctuations.

          What are the main applications or uses of EVA Foam?

          When toughness meets high density, that's where you'll find our EVA foam strutting its stuff. It’s a popular choice for everything from production lines, spa covers, and stage props, to transportation solutions, cosplayer armour, camping mats, boat fenders, and even archery targets. Our Titan AV EVA Foam is an all-star player, effortlessly substituting materials like natural rubber, vinyl, neoprene, polyurethane, and PVC foams. It's also a worthy contender against wood composites, felts, fibreglass, and mineral wool. Its superstar trait? It's incredibly easy to work with! Shape it, mould it, paint it, or dye it to your heart's content. Stick it to anything for a rainbow of colours and an array of designs. It's your dream partner for all your creative pursuits.

          What sizes are available?

          Because no two projects are the same, we've got EVA foam sheets in a host of sizes to suit your every need. Take a little stroll further up this page to get a peek at our range. Each size variant comes with its own detailed description, including dimensions and thickness options. It's a buffet of sizes, and we invite you to feast your eyes and find the perfect fit for your project!

          How long does EVA Foam typically last?

          Now, you might be wondering about the lifespan of this all-rounder. Well, that depends on factors like its usage, the environment it’s exposed to, and how well it’s looked after. But fret not! Our EVA foam is renowned for its durability and staying power. Show it some love with regular maintenance and careful handling, and it'll stand by your side for years, making it a reliable choice for your projects.

          • It's got quite the tolerance for heat, but do remember, it doesn't like to sunbathe in high temperatures or play with open flames.
          • As for the great outdoors, our EVA foam can stand up to the elements. But like most of us, too much sun can be hard on it, leading to slow degradation.
          • Thanks to its closed-cell structure, our EVA foam is like a duck in water, inherently waterproof and moisture-resistant, which only amplifies its durability and makes it a suitable sidekick for water-based adventures.

          People also ask

          • How does EVA Foam compare to other foam materials?

            EVA Foam is like the crown jewel among foams, providing outstanding durability, flexibility, and impact resistance that trumps many other foam materials. Moreover, it offers inherent water-resistance and thermal insulation, features not commonly found in all foam varieties.

          • Are there any recommended cleaning or maintenance methods for EVA Foam Sheets?

            Maintaining EVA Foam Sheets is a breeze! With a simple wipe using a damp cloth and some mild soap, they'll be squeaky clean in no time. Then just leave them out to air dry, and voila! They're ready for their next adventure.

          • What are the recommended storage conditions for EVA Foam Sheets?

            Your EVA Foam Sheets enjoy chilling out in cool, dry places, far from the harsh gaze of direct sunlight and away from extreme temperatures. Think of it as their preferred holiday destination for downtime between projects.

          • Are there any fire safety considerations when using EVA foam?

            Although our EVA Foam comes featuring high thermal resistance and is flame retardant, it's still important to exercise caution and avoid exposing our product to open flames or high heat sources.

          • Can EVA foam be recycled or disposed of responsibly?

            Yes, indeed! Our EVA Foam isn't just practical, it's also conscientious. It can be recycled and disposed of responsibly, giving you a greener, more sustainable option.

          • Are EVA Foam Sheets non-toxic and safe for use?

            Absolutely! Our EVA Foam Sheets are not only non-toxic, but they're also utterly safe for a range of uses. It's like having a gentle giant at your service, robust yet harmless.

          • Does EVA Foam have any odour or off-gassing?

            No need to hold your breath around our EVA Foam. It comes with minimal odour and off-gassing, ensuring your user experience is not just productive, but also quite a pleasant affair.

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