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Titan AV+
Set ups without hiccups!

With industry professionals at your service Titan AV can help with the planning and products you need to set up and bump out quickly with no costly hiccups. Talk to Titan AV today for quality rigging, cases, comms, and everything else you need to perform!

Titan AV+ Cables

Why trainable is preferable.

Setting up and bumping out can present a number of challenges - thankfully rolling out and storing your Titan AV cable isn’t one of them. That’s because every Titan AV cable is “trainable", meaning it can loop with ease to save you time and trouble when it matters most.

Titan AV+ Cables
Titan AV+ 19" Rack Drawer

Titan AV+ Server Racks

Stacked with clever features.

Tech forms the epi-centre of every performance, which makes housing these invaluable resources vitally important. Made tough with features designed by industry professionals, Titan AV server racks offer all the accessibility and control you need to perform at the highest level.

Titan AV+ Cases

Handle without care!

When it comes to storage you need a case that can take life on the road in its stride. Built tough by industry professionals every Titan AV case can be filled with custom cut foam to protect your most valuable equipment.

Titan AV+ Cases
Titan AV+ Foam

Titan AV+ Foam

Cost effective protection for the things you can’t afford to break!

Hitting the road can be tough on your most valued equipment. Which is why Titan AV offers all kinds of foam impact protection for all kinds of gear. Don’t risk your equipment, protect it with a foam solution from Titan AV.

Titan AV+ Truss

Australia’s most trusted truss.

At Titan AV we’d rather rig the spotlight than hog it! Titan AV truss are built to handle the heaviest gear with the upmost confidence. Ensure the safety of your crew, your clients, and their audiences, with a bespoke or standard truss by Titan AV.

Rory holding a Titan AV+ Truss
Titan AV+ TV Brackets

Titan AV+ TV Brackets

Assured performance behind the screens.

When it comes to TV brackets, public safety and AV performance are our number one priority. Made to most stringent safety standards, with all the connectivity features you need, Titan AV TV brackets are the safe choice for venue operators big and small.