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          XLR cables, also known as a microphone cable or XLR snake, are the backbone of your audio system. At Titan AV, our XLR cables redefine reliability by seamlessly integrating a higher number of copper strands, a 100% coverage braided shield, and reinforced cotton yarn. This results in a resilient yet flexible cable that stands strong in critical moments.

          Ideal for live sound, studio, or installation environments, Titan AV XLR Cables ensure unmatched performance in every audio setting.

          0.5m XLR Cable


          0.75m XLR Cable


          1m XLR Cable


          1.5m XLR Cable


          2m XLR Cable


          3m XLR Cable


          6m XLR Cable


          10m XLR Cable


          15m XLR Cable


          20m XLR Cable


          Titan AV 100m Balanced Microphone Cable


          1m XLR Male to 1/4" Jack 6.5mm Titan AV Cable


          2m XLR Male to 1/4" Jack 6.5mm Titan AV Cable


          3m XLR Male to 1/4" Jack 6.5mm Titan AV Cable


          1m XLR Female to 1/4" Jack 6.5mm Titan AV Cable


          2m XLR Female to 1/4" Jack 6.5mm Titan AV Cable


          Titan AV XLR Cables

          Elevate your audio experience with Titan AV XLR Cables, meticulously crafted for discerning audio enthusiasts and seasoned AV professionals. Here's why our cables stand out:

          • Oxygen Free Cable: Designed in Brisbane, our XLR cables feature Tour Ready Oxygen Free Cable, ensuring outstanding audio reproduction in live sound, studio, or installation environments. Experience audio clarity like never before.
          • Premium Cable Components: What sets Titan AV cables apart? Premium components. With a higher number of copper strands, 100% coverage braided shield, and reinforced cotton yarn, our cables are robust, flexible, and reliable in the critical moments of your audio journey.
          • High-Performance Shielding: Say goodbye to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Titan AV XLR leads boast high-performance shielding, preserving your sensitive electronics and maintaining a clean, uninterrupted signal – vital in settings with heavy electronic equipment use.
          • 22AWG & Dual Insulation: Thicker wires mean better performance. Built with 22AWG copper conductors, Titan AV XLR cables offer less resistance and superior electron flow compared to thinner cables. Dual insulation (PE insulator & conductive PVC) ensures reliable performance with low capacitance and minimal distortion. Less Resistance, Better Flow.
          • Limited Lifetime Warranty: Our commitment to quality is evident in the details. Clear heat shrink is fitted for easy labeling, and each Titan AV XLR cable comes with a limited lifetime warranty. We stand by the durability and performance of our cables.

          What types of XLR Cables do you offer?

          At Titan AV, we take pride in our meticulously designed XLR cables, a must-have for audio enthusiasts and AV professionals alike. Our XLR lineup includes versatile options such as XLR to XLR cables, XLR to ¼ Jack, and balanced XLR cable rolls. We've got the perfect XLR lead for every audio setup.

          What is an XLR Cable?

          An XLR microphone cable is the backbone of your audio system, ensuring crystal-clear sound transmission. The "XLR" stands for "eXternal Line Return." It's often called an audio connector and is renowned for its reliability, featuring a locking latch that prevents accidental disconnections.

          XLR connectors have three pins:

          1. Pin 1 Ground or shield connection for safe electrical noise discharge.
          2. Pin 2 Carries the positive or "hot" audio signal.
          3. Pin 3 Carries the negative or "cold" audio signal.

          These cables provide balanced audio signals, minimising interference and delivering cleaner audio over extended distances. Known for longevity and a strong construction with a locking mechanism, XLR cables are ideal not only for microphones but also for speakers, amps, and mixers. They ensure smooth signal flow and are adaptable across various audio equipment.

          What lengths of balanced XLR Cables do you offer?

          Whether you need a short XLR cord (0.5m, 0.75m, 1m, 2m, and 3m XLR Cable) for your home studio or a longer XLR microphone cord (6m up to 100m XLR cord) for stage performances, Titan AV has you covered. Our XLR cables come in various lengths, offering flexibility to suit your specific audio setup.

          Where can I pick up an XLR Cord near me?

          You can find our premium XLR cables online, ready for Australia wide delivery. For those closer to our home base in Brisbane, visit our warehouse for a hands-on experience. We're your go-to source for top-notch XLR cables.

          Are all XLR Cables the same quality?

          Not all XLR cables are created equal, and at Titan AV, we understand the difference quality makes. Our XLR leads stand out with premium components, including a higher number of copper strands, 100% coverage braided shield, and reinforced cotton yarn for unmatched durability. 

          Why is Oxygen Free Cabling important?

          Titan AV XLR cables feature Oxygen Free Cable technology, ensuring that your audio signal remains pure and interference-free. The high-performance shielding protects against Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), providing a clean and uninterrupted signal. With 22AWG copper conductors and dual insulation, our cables deliver reliable performance, even over longer distances.

          Explore the features and specifications that make Titan AV XLR Cables the top choice for those who demand the best. Order yours today! 


          Reliable Performance

          Reliable Performance

          Crafted with multi-banded oxygen-free copper, Titan AV cables deliver a consistently clean, noise-free signal.

          Purpose Built

          Purpose Built

          Be it in the studio, on stage or for commercial fit-outs Titan AV cables are purpose built for professional use.

          Australian Designed

          Australian Designed

          Titan AV cables are designed here in Australia, giving you peace of mind when investing in such an important part of your setup.

          Elevate your sound experience, explore our range today.


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