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          Titan AV stage box and XLR loom offer a comprehensive solution for professional audio setups. The multicore stage box feature high-quality connectors and durable cable jackets to withstand the rigors of touring and live events. Titan AV stage boxes provide reliable and efficient signal routing for stage performances, concerts, and other live events.

          Titan AV CAT Tail, etherCON to Quad 3-Pin XLRM


          Titan AV CAT Tail, etherCON to Quad 3-Pin XLRF


          Titan AV CAT Tail, etherCON to Quad 5-Pin XLRM


          Titan AV CAT Tail, etherCON to Quad 5-Pin XLRF


          Titan AV CAT Tail, etherCON to Quad TRS


          Titan AV RJ45 EtherCON to Quad 3-Pin XLR-F Stage Box


          Titan AV RJ45 EtherCON to Quad 3-Pin XLR-M Stage Box


          Titan AV RJ45 EtherCON Quad XLR-M Stage Box to Quad XLR-F Tails


          Titan AV RJ45 EtherCON Quad XLR-F Stage Box to Quad XLR-M Tails


          Titan AV 3m CAT5e Snake Loom


          2m Multicore Loom Cable stage Snake XLRM - XLRF 3 Pin 8 Channel


          6m XLRM to XLRF 8 Channel Multicore Loom Cable Stage Snake


          10m XLRM to XLRF 8 Channel Multicore Loom Cable Stage Snake


          15m XLR Loom | 8 Way Multicore Stage Snake Cable


          1m XLR Male to 1/4" TRS Stereo Jack 8 Channel Multicore Loom Cable Stage Snake


          2m Multicore Loom Cable Stage Snake XLR Male - 1/4" Stereo Jack TRS 8 Channel


          Titan AV Stage Boxes

          Our Titan AV Stage Boxes are the robust solution for carrying microphone and line-level signals between performers and mixing desks. Built to withstand the demands of touring and live events, our stage boxes ensure efficient signal routing with minimal interference. Featuring premium OFC conductors and helical / braided ground shields, our stage boxes guarantee pristine sound quality every time.

          Features & Benefits:

          • High-quality custom connectors and cables
          • Gold-plated connectors for superior signal integrity
          • Multi-banded oxygen-free copper conductors for enhanced signal clarity
          • PE insulation providing low capacitance dielectric
          • Conductive PVC for reinforced shielding
          • Helical shield to resist electromagnetic interference
          • Durable, flexible matte black PVC outer jacket
          • 100% screening for interference-free performance
          • Easy cable identification with clear channel labeling and cable markers
          • Limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind

          How to Choose the Right Stage Box

          When selecting the right stage box, consider the number of channels you need, ensuring it matches your input and output requirements. Choose a cable length that fits your typical stage or studio layout, and ensure the connectors are compatible with your existing equipment (e.g., XLR, TRS, Ethercon). Look for high-quality build materials like oxygen-free copper conductors and robust PVC jackets for durability, and prioritize excellent shielding to prevent electromagnetic interference. Lastly, features like clearly labeled cables can save valuable time during setup and teardown, making your stage box easy to use and highly efficient.

          Explore Titan AV's range of Stage Boxes and XLR Looms today and experience the difference in your audio setup.

          People also ask

          • What is a Stage Box?

            A stage box, also known as a snake or audio snake cable, is a device that consolidates multiple audio signals into a single multicore cable for efficient routing between performers and mixing desks.

          • What is the difference between a Stage Box & an XLR Loom?

            A stage box typically handles multiple channels and includes a rugged enclosure, making it perfect for live events and studio use where frequent plugging in and out is needed but access to the desk is inconvenient. In contrast, an XLR loom is a collection of XLR cables bundled together, ideal for building cases like IEM and touring rigs, or in the studio for patching outboard gear where the setup remains more static.

          • What types of Stage Boxes & Multicore Cables do you sell?

            We offer a variety of multicore solutions, including XLR Looms, CAT Tails, multicore stage boxes with XLR male and female connectors (3-pin and 5-pin), Ethercon, and TRS connections.

          • Do you offer adapters & connectors?

            Yes, we provide a wide range of XLR adapters and connectors, including XLR to CAT and XLR to TRS, to adapt your setup as needed.

          • Where can I pick up a Stage Box near me?

            Our premium stage boxes are available online with convenient Australia-wide delivery. If you're in Brisbane, visit our warehouse for a hands-on experience and pick up your gear in person.

          Discover Titan AV

          We're your trusted Australian brand in reliable Audio Visual Equipment designed for setups without the hiccups! From durable rack cases and waterproof hard cases to a comprehensive collection of cables and lighting truss, we provide everything you need to ensure your equipment is protected and your setup runs smoothly. If you're in Brisbane, come and visit us in Northgate.

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