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          Elevate your power management solutions with Titan AV's IEC Power Cord featuring Piggy Back Plugs, tailored for sound and lighting professionals seeking unparalleled versatility and convenience. With the innovative Piggy Back Plugs, this cord allows you to double up on power points, eliminating the need for additional sockets and offering seamless power distribution for your devices. Crafted to withstand the rigors of the stage and touring life, Titan AV's IEC Power Cord boasts an impressive 8mm thickness, ensuring durability and effortless handling during setup and teardown. Experience reliable performance with our  IEC Power Lead with Piggy Back Plug.

          1.5m IEC Power Cable with Piggy Back Plug


          2m IEC Power Cable with Piggy Back Plug


          3m IEC Power Cable with Piggy Back Plug


          5m IEC Power Cable with Piggy Back Plug


          7m IEC Power Cable with Piggy Back Plug


          10m IEC Power Cable with Piggy Back Plug


          15m IEC Power Cable with Piggy Back Plug


          Titan AV IEC Power Cord

          Crafted with precision and engineered for reliability, our IEC Power Cord is the ultimate companion for your audio-visual endeavors. With a voltage rating of 240V and a sturdy 10A current capacity, this 3 core powerhouse ensures seamless power delivery to your devices. Featuring an 8mm thickness and constructed with high-quality 1.5 mm² gauge wire (equivalent to 16AWG), our IEC Power Cord prioritises durability without sacrificing flexibility.

          People also ask

          • What is an IEC Power Cord?

            An IEC Power Cord is a type of power cable commonly used in audio-visual equipment and other electronic devices. It features a standard IEC connector on one end and typically plugs into the device's power supply or a power distribution unit.

          • Why use IEC power?

            IEC power cords offer a standardised and reliable solution for powering audio-visual equipment, computers, servers, and more. They provide a secure connection and are widely compatible with various devices and power sources.

          • What is the name of a kettle plug?

            Your kettle plug is also known as an IEC power cable. For us Aussies, this is a quick way to identify the familiar cord that powers many of our electronic devices.

          • What amp is an IEC power cable?

            Curious about the power behind Titan AV's IEC cables? Our IEC power leads are meticulously engineered to deliver optimal performance, boasting a 10 amp capacity.

          • Where can I get an IEC Power cord near me?

            Our premium IEC Power Cords are available online, with convenient Australia-wide delivery. If you're in the vicinity of our home base in Brisbane, why not drop by our warehouse for a hands-on experience? Pick up your IEC Power Cable in person and explore our range firsthand.

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