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          Protect your gear from the elements with a Titan AV hard case. They're virtually indestructible, lightweight, and waterproof hard cases. Designed in Brisbane, our water proof cases are trusted by videographers, photographers, and outdoor enthusiasts. With customisable foam padding and rugged construction, Titan AV hard cases keep your equipment safe on the go, rain or shine.

          Unsure which hard case suits you? See our TItan AV hard case comparison sheet further down the page.

          1004 - Tiny Protective Case | 29.5cm Length | 3 Litres


          1008 - Tiny Protective Case | 30.5cm Length | 7 Litres


          1008 - Tiny Protective Case with EPE Shadow Foam Insert, Black & White


          EPE Foam Insert for 1008 Tiny Protective Case, Black


          EPE Shadow Foam Insert for 1008 Tiny Protective Case, Black & White


          1008 - Tiny Protective Case with EPE Foam Insert, Black


          1009 - Small Hard Case | 36cm Length | 10 Litres


          Padded Dividers for 1009 Small Hard Case


          1009 - Small Hard Case with Padded Divider


          1005 - Small Hard Case | 36cm Length | 11 Litres


          EPE Foam Insert for 1005 Small Hard Case, Black


          1005 - Small Hard Case with EPE Foam Insert


          1010 - Small Hard Case | 36cm Length | 13.4 Litres


          1010 - Small Hard Case with EPE Foam Insert


          EPE Foam Insert for 1010 Small Hard Case, Black


          1006 - Small Hard Case | 38cm Length | 13.8 Litres


          Titan AV Hard Cases

          Looking for durable, waterproof protection for your valuable gear? Titan AV's hard cases have you covered. Crafted with the active lifestyle in mind, our hard cases are perfect for videographers, photographers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who needs reliable protection for their equipment.

          Best Features of Titan AV Hard Cases:

          • Waterproof Protection: Our hard cases are 100% waterproof, safeguarding your gear from water damage in any environment.
          • Rugged Construction: Built with lightweight FX-2PP resin and tough Polypropylene shell, our cases are virtually indestructible, providing ultimate protection for your equipment.
          • Customisable Foam Padding: Easily configure the interior space of your hard case with pre-cubed foam layers, ensuring a snug fit for your gear and added shock absorption.
          • Versatile Applications: Perfect for videographers, photographers, outdoor enthusiasts, medical professionals, and more, our hard cases are designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries.
          • 2-Year Warranty: Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your purchase is backed by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and customer satisfaction.
          • Australia-Wide Delivery: With nationwide delivery available through our online store, getting your hands on a Titan AV hard case is easy and convenient.

          Experience the unbeatable protection and peace of mind that Titan AV Hard Cases provide. Order yours today and explore further with confidence.

          People also ask

          • Are your hard cases waterproof?

            Absolutely. Our hard cases are 100% waterproof, thanks to their lightweight FX-2PP resin construction. They are IP67 rated, ensuring your equipment stays safe and dry in any environment.

          • Do waterproof cases really work?

            Yes, our waterproof hard cases are rigorously tested to ensure they provide reliable protection against water, moisture, dust, and impacts. You can trust Titan AV hard cases to keep your gear safe in any conditions.

          • Do you have wheeled hard cases?

            Yes, we offer weatherproof cases with smooth roll wheels for added convenience. Ideal for those who need to transport heavy gear without the hassle of carrying it.

          • What warranty do your hard cases offer?

            We stand behind the quality of our products. That's why all Titan AV hard cases come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty, giving you peace of mind with your purchase.

          • Where can I pick up a Hard Case near me?

            For your convenience, Titan AV offers Australia-wide delivery for our hard cases through our online store. If you're in the Brisbane area, you can also opt for Click & Collect from our warehouse in Northgate.

          Waterproof IP67 RatedImpact ResistantLightweightThermal InsulationLockable2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

          FIND YOUR FIT - Compare Hard Cases

          Titan AV Waterproof Hard Case Specifications

          What size hard case do you need?


          Cubed Foam

          Cubed Foam

          Easily customise your case with cubed foam. Use your fingers to pluck out precut 1.5cm x 1.5cm foam cubes to customise your layout.

          EPE Foam Inserts

          EPE Foam

          For that custom feel, on a budget. EPE foam is easy to DIY cut with a Stanley knife + it's a more durable option than cubed foam.

          Padded Dividers

          Padded Dividers

          Want the flexibility to change your case layout? Padded dividers enable you to rearrange your gear to suit your inventory of equipment or application.

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