Titan AV Glow Totem with White Scrim, 2m
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Titan AV Glow Totem with White Scrim, 2m


    Glow Totems are the perfect accessory for the mobile DJ, wedding & event planners. They are upright truss displays that are simple to build, break down and require no additional support.

    Glow totems are a simple yet effect lighting display, they are built up with a 500x500mm base plate, 4 x 2m truss tubes, 300x300mm top plate and a white 2m scrim. They offer easy assembly, easy pack down and compact transport.

    Glow totems require a small LED fixture to be placed at the base inbetween the four pole which is hidden away by the white scrim cover, this LED fixture lights up the totem. Titan AV Glow totems can also have a small moving head mounted to the top plate to double up as light stand. 


    Whats included in the 2m Glow Totem kit:

    • 4 x Titan AV 2m Truss Tube (with 4 x Spigots, 8 x Pins & 8 x Clips)
    • 1 x Titan AV 2m White Scrim
    • 1 x Titan AV 500x500mm Steel Base Plate
    • 1 x Titan AV 300x300mm Steel Top Plate
    • 8 x Base Plate Half Spigots, Pins, Clips & Screws

    *LED lighting fixture not include in sale, for demo purpose only*


    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Supplied fitted with conical couplers
    • Event application: Stage production, Venues, Exhibitions, Clubs,Churches, weddings & corporate


    • Height: 2m
    • Material: 6082-T6 Aluminium
    • Main tube: 50mm (Wall thickness - 3mm)
    • Material: Base plate and top plate Steel plate: 8mm thick
    • Profile for LED fixture, 180 x 180mm
    • Weight: 36 kg
    • 1 x 2m Glow Totem Kit