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          Elevate your AV setup with Titan AV Slam Racks - unbeatable protection for your gear. Our Slam Racks feature secure slam doors, premium hardware, anti-vibration shock mount rack system, and stackable design. Experience hassle-free organisation and protection with Titan AV Slam Racks.

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          Titan AV Slam Racks

          Streamline your setup with the ultimate touring solution for AV pros – Titan AV Slam Racks. Engineered with precision and designed for the rigours of the road, our Slam Racks are the go-to choice for audiovisual enthusiasts, touring professionals, and anyone seeking unbeatable gear protection.

          Slam Rack Features + Benefits

          When it comes to safeguarding your valuable equipment, Titan AV Slam Racks lead the pack. Here's why:

          1. Slam Door Convenience Bid farewell to bulky, removable lids. Our Slam Case features secure slam doors on hinged Penn Elcom sliding rails, providing effortless access to your gear without the hassle of finding storage space for extra lids. With slide away doors on both the front and back of the case, you have easy access to your AV gear.
          2. Premium Hardware, Built to Last Crafted with premium materials and precision engineering, our Slam Rack boasts Penn Elcom slam latches for smooth, secure door closure. With Titan AV hardened steel corners, recessed spring-loaded handles, and sturdy 150KG 4” blue rubber Hi-Tech Performa castors, durability is guaranteed.
          3. Anti-Vibration Shock Mount System Protect your sensitive equipment from the perils of vibration damage. Our Slam Racks are not just shock-resistant; they're shockproof. Ideal for transporting hard drives, servers, amplifiers, and DSP processors, our anti-vibration racks ensure your gear arrives intact and operational.
          4. Stackable Design Streamline your gear transport with our stackable Slam Racks. Whether you're loading up for a tour or organising your gear closet, our racks offer seamless stacking for maximum efficiency.

          Experience the difference in efficiency with Titan AV Slam Racks. Order yours today and elevate your hassle-free gear protection to the next level.

          People also ask

          • What is a Slam Rack?

            A Slam Rack is a type of road case specifically designed for audio visual (AV) equipment. It features a unique design with secure slam doors that replace traditional removable lids, providing quick and easy access to the gear inside. These doors are mounted on hinged sliding rails, allowing them to slide away effortlessly, eliminating the need for extra storage space for lids.

            Slam Racks are engineered with premium materials and precision hardware, making them durable and robust for use on the road. Titan AV Slam Racks feature anti-vibration shock mount systems to protect sensitive equipment from damage during transportation. Overall, Slam Racks offer unparalleled convenience and protection for AV professionals & enthusiasts alike.

          • Can Slam Racks be used for touring purposes?

            Absolutely! Our Slam Racks are specifically designed for touring AV professionals, providing unmatched protection and convenience on the road.

          • Do you offer wheeled Slam Racks for added convenience?

            Yes, we provide Slam Racks with durable 4” blue rubber Hi-Tech PERFORMA castors, making transportation a breeze for heavy gear.

          • Are Titan AV Slam Racks water resistant?

            While our focus is on impact protection and shock resistance, our Slam Racks offer reliable protection against water ingress to keep your gear safe in various conditions.

          • Do you offer a warranty with your Slam Case?

            We stand behind the quality of our products. All Titan AV Slam Racks come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty, providing peace of mind with your purchase.

          • Where can I purchase a Slam Rack?

            Titan AV offers Australia-wide delivery through our online store for your convenience. Alternatively, if you're in the Brisbane area, you can opt for Click & Collect from our warehouse in Northgate.

          Titan AV 8RU Slam Rack with doors slid open & stacked atop our 14RU Slam Rack Case
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