Titan AV 4.1m Winch Up Lighting T-Bar
Titan AV 4.1m Winch Up Lighting T-Bar
Titan AV 4.1m Winch Up Lighting T-Bar
Titan AV 4.1m Winch Up Lighting T-Bar
Titan AV 4.1m Winch Up Lighting T-Bar
  • SKU: KIT-0223

Titan AV 4.1m Winch Up Lighting T-Bar


    Introducing our Winch Up Lighting Stand – the ultimate solution for DJs and event organizers seeking reliable, versatile, and adjustable lighting support. Crafted to elevate your light displays effortlessly, this DJ Light Stand offers unparalleled convenience and functionality.

    With its adjustable design, this Adjustable Light Stand adapts to your specific needs, whether you're setting up for a bustling DJ party or a professional live music event. Engineered for ease of use and durability, it ensures your lights are positioned precisely to enhance any event ambiance.

    Transform any occasion into a spectacular affair with our Party Light Stand. Designed for seamless integration with your lighting setup, this stand provides stability and flexibility, allowing you to create captivating visual effects that dazzle your audience.

    Complete with everything you need, our Party Light Kit includes the Winch Up Lighting Stand along with essential accessories, ensuring you're equipped to deliver memorable performances every time. Elevate your light displays and elevate your events with our versatile and dependable lighting solutions.

     What's in the kit?


    • All Steel parts including clamp
    • High quality metal safety pins
    • Winch has built in clutch & fold down handle
    • Non-slip rubber feet
    • Easy fold up and down
    • Compact for transportation
    • Stylish & ergonomic
    • Warranty: 12 months

    D-XL566 Tripod Specs:

    • Adjustable foot print (3 settings): 86-125cm
    • Length adjustment on one leg for un-level ground: 10cm, 1.5cm increments by 8 points
    • Height adjustment: 170-410cm
    • Fold down size: 166 x 22 x 29cm (H x W x D)
    • Max loading weight: 80 kg
    • Material: Steel
    • Colour: Black
    • Weight: 25 kg
    • 1 x Titan AV Winch up stand/tower lift

    1.5m T-Bar Specs:

    • 1.5m Titan AV tube truss (TR-SP30-150)
    • 35mm to 290mm truss adapter with two heavy duty clamps
    • Truss T-bar frame max load: 15kg per side, Max load 30kg (Must be evenly distributed)
    • Colour - Truss mill finish (Silver)
    • Mounting hardware included: Yes
    • Assembly required: Yes
    • Weight: 3.75kg
    Please note: Lights for display purposes, not sold with this KIT