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  • SKU: X-AD-01

Titan AV 3.5mm Mono Jack to 1/4" Mono Socket Adapter

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    This audio adapter is perfect for taking a standard 1/4" mono TS instrument cable into a 3.5mm mini jack input. Common use for this audio adapter is to be attach onto the end of a regular 1/4" TS mono instrument lead (E.G guitar lead), to allow for a direct connection to a device with a 1/8" jack input. Often an instrumentalist may want to plug directly into a handheld recording device or computer sound card, this adapter will connect a mono instrument into such a device. This audio adapter has a TS tip (mono) that is capable of transferring an un-balanced signal. Please Note: not suitable for transferring stereo/TRS signals (iPods, MP3's or headphone).

    Titan AV Audio connectors and adapters are ergonomic, high quality, reliable and backed up with a limited lifetime warranty.


    • Mono application only
    • Ergonomic
    • High quality adapter
    • Perfect for use with sound cards, audio devices and recording devices
    • 100% Screening
    • Material: Metal & plastic adapter
    • Limited lifetime warranty


    • Length: 55mm (Total length including jacks)
    • Colour: Chrome & black
    • 1 x 1/4" Jack Female to 1/8" Jack Male TS (Mono)