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          At Titan AV, we understand the heartbeat of every DJ, musician, and sound engineer—their gear. That's why we've crafted our Titan AV Rack Cases to be the ultimate solution for those who demand nothing but the best for their audio-visual equipment. Whether you're hitting the road for a gig or setting up shop in your studio, our rack mount cases offer rugged protection with a sleek design, keeping your gear safe, organised, and ready to rock.

          2RU Shallow Rack Case


          3RU Shallow Rack Case


          4RU Shallow Rack Case


          6RU Shallow Rack Case


          8RU Shallow Rack Case


          2U Shallow Rack Case with Plastic Hard Shell


          3U Shallow Rack Case with Plastic Hard Shell


          3U Half Rack Case, 230mm Deep


          4U Shallow Rack Case with Plastic Hard Shell


          6U Shallow Rack Case with Plastic Hard Shell


          Microphone Case with 4RU Rack & Drawer


          Titan AV Rack Cases

          When it comes to protecting your prized gear, Titan AV Rack Cases - also known as rackmount cases - stand tall as your ultimate defense. Our range includes plywood & Plastic Rack Mount Cases, offering options to suit every need and preference. From Deep Rack Cases and Shallow Rack Cases, Rolling Rack Cases to Mixer Rack Cases and Amplifier Rack Cases, Shock Mount Racks to Slam Racks and even 19 Inch Rack Case Workstations with fold-away tables, we've got you covered.

          Plywood Rack Cases

          Crafted from 9mm Hexa Plywood and featuring aluminum edging, recessed handles, and lockable butterfly latches, our plywood rack cases ensure your gear stays protected on the move. With accessibility from both the front and rear, these cases are the ideal choice for DJs and musicians who demand durability without sacrificing portability.

          Key Features:

          • Hexa Plywood Construction: Crafted from 9mm hexa pattern laminated plywood, our plywood rack case offers superior durability, anti-slip, and scratch resistance compared to traditional laminates.
          • Heavy-Duty Castors: On our larger rack mount cases, enjoy effortless transportation with high-impact, soft, and durable blue rubber Hi-Tech Performa wheels. Featuring heavy-duty 4"/100mm ball bearings, they ensure smooth rolling into events, with brakes on two wheels for added stability during setup and storage.
          • Aluminum Edging: With aluminum edging, our cases are built to withstand bumps and knocks, ensuring your gear stays protected during transport.
          • Recessed Handles: Designed for easy lifting and carrying, our recessed handles provide a comfortable grip while minimizing the risk of snagging.
          • Lockable Butterfly Latches: Keep your equipment secure on the go with lockable butterfly latches, providing peace of mind during transport and storage.
          • 19" Compatibility: Suitable for housing various 19" rack mount equipment such as amplifiers, wireless microphones, power distributors, and audio processors.

          Safeguard your gear and elevate your sound with a Titan AV Rack Case.

          People also ask

          • What is a rack case?

            A rack case, also known as a rackmount case or simply a rack, is a protective enclosure designed to house and transport electronic equipment in a standardized format called a rack. Racks are used to mount and organize various types of equipment commonly found in audio, video, and IT industries, including amplifiers, audio processors, servers, patch panels, and more.

          • Who uses a rack case?

            Rack cases are commonly used by professionals in the audio, video, broadcasting, IT, telecommunications, and military industries. This includes musicians, DJs, sound engineers, AV technicians, IT professionals, and more.

          • How does a rack case differ from other types of cases?

            Unlike traditional cases, which are typically designed for general-purpose storage and transportation, rack cases are specifically tailored to accommodate equipment that can be mounted in a standard 19 inch wide rack format. Rack cases often feature built-in rack rails or shelves to securely hold the rack mount equipment in place during transit.

          • Are Titan AV Rack Cases compatible with all 19" rack gear?

            Absolutely! Our rack cases are designed to accommodate a wide range of 19" rack mountable equipment, including amplifiers, mixers, wireless microphone receivers, and audio processors. With ample space, you can customise your rackmount case to fit your specific needs.

          • Do Titan AV Rack Cases come with a warranty?

            Yes, they do! We stand behind the quality and durability of our products, which is why all Titan AV Rack Cases come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. So you can rest assured that your gear is protected against defects and craftsmanship issues, allowing you to focus on what matters most – making great music.

          View inside 3 open Titan AV Plywood Rack Cases with Wheels
          display of 3 Titan AV Plywood Rack Cases with Wheels - 8RU, 12RU and 16RU rack cases.
          Titan AV 8RU Slam Rack with doors slid open & stacked atop our 14RU Slam Rack Case
          Discover Titan AV

          Since 2001, we're your go-to Aussie brand for reliable Audio Visual Equipment! From durable rack cases and waterproof hard cases to a comprehensive collection of cables and lighting truss, we provide everything you need to ensure your equipment is protected and your setup runs smoothly. If you're in Brisbane, come and visit us in Northgate.


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