Setting up your Titan AV open rack

by Brad on October 27, 2021



So you’ve just bought your Titan AV open rack.  Great job!  Thousands of AV and I.T integration installers around Australia are using them right now.  Let’s take a look at how to set it up.

Once you receive your flat packed server rack you’ll open the box and find these items inside; 

Parts List

A    2 x bottom plate
B    2 x top plate
C    4 x upright posts
D    4 x plate supports
E    32 x 13mm nut and bolt sets
F    16 x 10mm nut and bolt sets (wheels)
G    4 x wheels (2 with brakes and 2 standard)



Tools Required

  • 13mm spanner or ratchet
  • 10mm spanner or ratchet
  • Phillips head screw driver
  • 5mm Allen key



Assembly Instructions

Step 1.  Start with both top plates (parts B) and 2 plate supports (parts D) as seen in Figure 1 

Step 2.  Place the support on the inside of the plate and bolt together using bolt sets (parts E). Affix 2 bolts to each plate so there are a total of 4 in each support as seen in Figure 2. You can make the rack shorter or longer in depth by bolting these in different positions along the plate support. Repeat with the other support. The top plate is now completed (Fig 3). 

Step 3.  Take 2 remaining plate supports (parts D) and repeat Step 2 with the 2 bottom plates (parts A).

Step 4.  Take the completed bottom section and 1 upright post (part C). Slide the upright post into the corner of the bottom section(Fig 4) ensuring that the numbers on the front of the rack are reading correctly. Bolt into place using 2 bolts (parts E) as seen in Figure 4.1. Each post has a correct place. If the numbers are reading incorrectly, switch the post to an opposite corner.

Step 5.   Repeat step 4 with all other posts until completed (Fig 5)

Step 6.  Take the completed top section and place on top aligning all posts into the corner holes (Fig 6). Bolt in place as per previous step using 2 bolts (parts E) per post.

Step 7.  Turn the rack over. Affix the wheels to the rack using bolt sets (parts F) as seen in Figure 7.


Open rack server racks are ideal for mounting in offices, cabinets/cupboards, home theatre/media rooms or placing under a desk.  Weather you’re using it for I.T applications such as home networks, servers and switches or you’re using it in your home recording studio for your 19” rack mountable gear the Titan AV open racks are a great compact solution that fit into tight spaces and a great cost saving option when you don’t need the bells and whistles, aka, doors and side panels.

If you're new to server racks, check out our blog 'Tips for setting up your new rack!'.


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