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          Whether you're upgrading an existing road case or embarking on a DIY project, Titan AV offers an extensive selection of road case hardware to cater to your needs. For DIY road cases, our collection includes everything from butterfly latches, aluminium extrusions, and recessed handles to plywood sheets and heavy-duty castor wheels. Check out our build your own road case blog for valuable insights. Titan AV is your go-to destination for all things road case hardware in Australia, visit our Brisbane showroom or shop online 24/7.

          Titan AV Road Case U Channel-Capping Extrusion 9mm


          Titan AV Lift Off Hinge Large - Chrome


          Titan AV Adjustable Ratchet Stay 10 Stop (Pair)


          Titan AV Road Case 3" Zinc alloy Recessed wheel


          9mm Plywood Sheet in Black Hexa Laminate, 1220 x 1220


          Titan AV 19” 10RU Shock Mount Rack System – 550mm Deep


          Titan AV 19” 12RU Shock Mount Rack System – 550mm Deep


          Titan AV Road Case Lid Stay Small - Chrome


          Titan AV 19” 8RU Shock Mount Rack System – 550mm Deep


          15mm Plywood in Black Hexa Laminate, 1220 x 1220


          Server Cabinet Castor Wheel, Small


          People also ask

          • What are the essential components of a DIY Road Case?

            A standard DIY Road Case typically includes components such as butterfly latches, recessed handles, aluminium extrusions, ball corners or flat corners, case hinges, castor wheels, rivets & washers, protective foam & laminated plywood sheets. These materials, when combined thoughtfully, contribute to a durable and reliable custom made road case for your gear.

          • How do I custom build a road case?

            Building your own road case is rewarding. Begin with a solid plan, and explore Titan AV Road Case Hardware for essential ingredients like recessed handles, laminate plywood, and butterfly latches. For step-by-step guidance, check Instructables' post on "How to Build a Road Case."

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