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          Looking to upgrade your existing road case or build one from scratch? Titan AV has an extensive range of road case hardware to help you create just about any type of custom flight case or mobile workstation.

          12RU Shock Mount Rack, 550mm Deep


          14RU Shock Mount Rack, 550mm Deep


          16RU Shock Mount Rack, 550mm Deep


          Titan AV Road Case Hardware

          At Titan AV, we offer a diverse range of road case hardware to meet all your needs. From robust butterfly latches to durable aluminum extrusions, our products are crafted to withstand the rigors of travel and performance. Here’s a closer look at our flight case parts:

          1. Rivets & Washers Our aluminium pop rivets and washers offer unmatched reliability, making them essential components for any DIY flight case project.
          2. Plywood Our high-quality laminated plywood sheets are perfect for constructing or reinforcing your road case. Available in various thicknesses and finishes, Titan AV plywood offers excellent durability and strength, ensuring your case can withstand the toughest conditions.
          3. Butterfly Latches Made from hardened steel with a sleek chrome finish, our butterfly latches ensure your case stays securely closed during transit. Perfect for road cases, flight cases, and DIY projects.
          4. Aluminum Extrusions Ideal for framing and finishing, our aluminum extrusions provide structural integrity and a professional look to your custom flight cases. Available in various lengths and profiles to suit your needs.
          5. Recessed Handles Ergonomically designed with a rubber sleeve for comfort, our recessed handles make it easy to carry your road case. Built to handle the heaviest loads, these flight case handles are a must-have for any serious AV enthusiast.
          6. Castors / Wheels Smooth mobility is crucial for any road case. Our heavy-duty castor wheels, including options with brakes, ensure your gear can be transported effortlessly and securely.
          7. Protective Corners, Brace Plates & Hinges Add protection and strength to your road case with our heavy-duty flight case corners, brace plates and flight case hinges.
          8. Rack Rails Essential for mounting equipment securely in rack cases, our rack rails are built for durability and easy installation.
          9. Shock Mount Racks Protect your sensitive equipment from shocks and vibrations with our shock mount racks, designed for maximum protection during transit and use.
          10. Foam Padding Choose from our selection of EPE, EVA, and convoluted foam sheets to line your cases. Our foam provides superior protection for your equipment, available in various thicknesses and firmness levels.

          Revive Your Old Road Cases

          Road cases are built to endure the toughest conditions, but even the most durable gear can benefit from a little TLC over time.

          Titan AV’s extensive range of road case hardware is perfect for breathing new life into your old road cases, ensuring they last for many more years. Here’s how you can make the most out of your investment:

          • Upgrade, Mend, and Adapt: With our high-quality road case parts and accessories, you can easily revive your existing cases. Whether it’s replacing worn-out latches, adding new handles, or reinforcing corners, our hardware ensures your cases remain reliable and sturdy.
          • DIY Fixes Made Easy: With basic tools and a little guidance from YouTube tutorials, anyone can become a road case repair expert. Our user-friendly hardware makes DIY fixes straightforward, allowing you to maintain your cases with confidence.
          • Cost-Effective Solutions: Starting under $2, our flight case supplies offer an economical alternative to replacing your entire road case. By investing in quality hardware and performing simple repairs, you can save money and extend the life of your equipment.
          • Long-Term Value: Keeping your road cases in top condition not only protects your valuable AV gear but also maximizes the value of your investment. Regular maintenance and upgrades ensure your cases are always ready for the next gig, tour, or event.

          Don’t let minor wear and tear shorten the lifespan of your road cases. Explore our collection of road case hardware and discover how easy and affordable it is to keep your gear in peak condition. From butterfly latches to heavy-duty wheels, Titan AV has everything you need to revive and maintain your road cases for years to come.

          People also ask

          • What are the essential components of a DIY Road Case?

            A standard DIY Road Case typically includes components such as butterfly latches, recessed handles, aluminium extrusions, ball corners or flat corners, flight case hinges, castor wheels, rivets & washers, protective foam & laminated plywood sheets. These components combine to create a durable and reliable custom road case.

          • How do I custom build a road case?

            Building your own road case is rewarding. Begin with a solid plan, and explore Titan AV Road Case Hardware for essential ingredients like recessed handles, laminate plywood, and butterfly latches. For step-by-step guidance, check Instructables' post on "How to Build a Road Case."

          • Can I install new hardware on an existing road case?

            Yes, you can easily install new hardware on an existing road case. Titan AV's flight case hardware is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to upgrade, mend, and adapt your road case with minimal effort. Simply remove the old hardware, prepare the surface, and install the new components using the appropriate tools.

          • What tools do I need for DIY road case repairs?

            For DIY road case repairs, you'll need basic tools such as a rivet gun, screwdriver set, pliers, a drill, a rubber mallet, and a tape measure. These tools will help you install new hardware, reinforce structural integrity, and ensure your case is in top condition.

          • Where can I buy road case hardware in Australia?

            Titan AV is your one-stop-shop for road case hardware in Australia. Visit our Brisbane showroom or shop online 24/7 to find everything you need for your road case projects.

          • Can I customise the foam lining for my road case?

            Absolutely! Titan AV offers a variety of foam linings, including EPE, EVA, and convoluted foam. You can choose the thickness and firmness that best suits your equipment’s protection needs.

          • How often should I upgrade or replace parts on my road case?

            It depends on usage and wear. Regularly inspect your road case hardware for signs of damage or wear. Replacing worn parts promptly ensures your case remains secure and your equipment protected.

          • Are Titan AV road case parts compatible with other brands?

            Titan AV road case parts are designed to be versatile and compatible with a wide range of road cases from various brands. Our hardware components, such as butterfly latches, recessed handles, and aluminum extrusions, adhere to industry standards, making them suitable for both new builds and repairs on existing road cases from other manufacturers.

          From Our Cases to Yours

          At Titan AV, we take pride in the quality and durability of our road case supplies. Every piece of our flight case hardware matches the high standards of our Titan AV Road Cases. Whether it's our Cable Packers, DJ Flight Cases, or Rack Cases, you can trust that the hardware you're using is built to the same high standards.

          Check out our video demo to see the superior craftsmanship and reliability of our Titan AV TV Road Case in action.

          Get To Know Titan AV

          Since 2001, we're your go-to Aussie brand for reliable Audio Visual Equipment designed for setups without the hiccups! From durable utility cases to a comprehensive collection of rack cases and waterproof hard cases, we provide everything you need to ensure your equipment is protected and your setup runs smoothly. If you're in Brisbane, visit us in Northgate.

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