What's in an XLR cable?

by Shannon on June 15, 2020

Designed in Brisbane, Titan AV cables use our Tour Ready Oxygen Free Cable to deliver outstanding audio reproduction you can rely on in any live sound, studio or installation environment.

It’s what’s inside that counts

Premium cable components are what sets Titan AV cables apart from other cable brands. Integrating a higher number of copper strands, 100% coverage braided shield & reinforced with cotton yarn for a tough yet flexible cable that won’t let you down in the critical moments!

Featuring high performance shielding, Titan AV XLR cables prevent EMI (Electromagnetic Interference, common in settings where electronic equipment is in heavy use) from impacting your sensitive electronics to retain a clean and uninterrupted signal.

22AWG & dual insulation

Built with 22AWG (American Wire Gauge) copper conductors, Titan AV cables provide less resistance and achieve better electron flow than thinner 24AWG or 26AWG cables. Since thicker wire carries more current (the larger the diameter of a wire, the less electrical resistance), thick wire is better for longer distances.

Titan AV XLR cables offer dual insulation (PE insulator & conductive PVC) and an extremely low capacitance. The lower the capacitance the better the cable performance with high speed data providing less distortion. 

We've deconstructed one of our XLR cables so you can see the quality that goes into every Titan AV balanced XLR microphone cable.



Features + Specifications

  • Conductor Size (mm²): 0.339mm² (#22AWG)
  • Outside Diameter (mm): ø6.5mm
  • Braided Shield Coverage: 100%
  • PE insulator & Conductive PVC: Yes
  • Cotton yarn: Yes
  • Oxygen Free Cable: Yes
  • Colour: Black
  • Clear heat shrink fitted for easy labelling
  • Free from micro-phonics
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Reliable performance

If quality signal & tough tour ready performance is what you’re looking for in a cable, then Titan AV balanced microphone cables are for you! Combining the highest quality components and an industry leading connector the Titan AV CAT6a cable comes with a clear heat shrink fitted for easy labelling and it’s free from micro-phonics. Boasting a limited lifetime warranty, which if you’ve ever owned a Titan AV cable you know you won't need!


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