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          Welcome to Titan AV's PDU Rack hub, where efficient power management meets affordability. Whether you're an AV Technician, IT professional or just starting your journey into server racks, our lineup of dependable Power Distribution Unit (PDU) promises to keep your systems humming along without a hitch.

          1RU 6 Way PDU with Overload Protection


          2RU 12 Way PDU with Overload Protection


          1RU 6 Way IEC Power Distribution Unit


          Titan AV PDU

          At Titan AV, we take pride in offering Power Distribution Units (PDU) that set the standard for quality and performance. Our 3 Pin PDU comes equipped with surge protection, safeguarding your equipment from unexpected power surges. Designed to seamlessly integrate into 19" racks, our rack mount power boards come in both horizontal and vertical configurations, offering versatility to fit your specific setup.

          Choose from 1RU or 2RU options, crafted with durable materials including strong plastic with an aluminum shell, all finished in a sleek powder-coated black. With a maximum input current of 10 Amps, our rack mount power board delivers reliable power distribution you can count on.

          Whether you're outfitting a rack case, server cabinet or an open rack, Titan AV PDU are engineered to meet the demands of any data environment, ensuring uninterrupted operation for your critical systems.

          People also ask

          • What is a PDU?

            A PDU, or Power Distribution Unit, is a device used to distribute electric power to multiple devices within a rack-mounted enclosure, such as server racks. It acts as the intermediary between the main power source and individual devices, ensuring efficient and reliable power distribution.

          • What does PDU mean in networking?

            In networking, PDU stands for Power Distribution Unit. It refers to the device responsible for distributing power to various networking equipment, such as servers, switches, and routers, housed within a data center or server room.

          • How does a Power Distribution Unit work?

            A Power Distribution Unit (PDU) works by receiving power from a main power source and distributing it to multiple outlets, allowing multiple devices to be powered from a single power source. It typically includes features such as surge protection, overload protection, and monitoring capabilities to ensure safe and efficient power distribution.

          • How to install a PDU in a rack?

            Installing a PDU in a rack is a relatively straightforward process. Begin by selecting an appropriate mounting location within the rack, ensuring proper alignment and clearance. Secure the PDU to the rack using mounting hardware (Cage Nuts & Screws), making sure to follow manufacturer instructions. Finally, connect the PDU to the main power source and plug in the devices you wish to power.

          • What types of Power Distribution Units do Titan AV offer?

            Titan AV offers a range of PDU designed to meet various power distribution needs. Our lineup includes both horizontal and vertical mounting options, with 1RU and 2RU configurations available. Additionally, we provide PDU with surge protection and a maximum input current of 10 Amps, ensuring reliable performance for your critical systems.

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