Trussing Up Retail: BCF's Creative Use of Truss for Eye-Catching Displays

by Shannon M on February 17, 2023

Do you think truss is only for live events? Think again. Nowadays, truss is being used in unexpected places, such as retail stores, churches, food trucks, and virtual reality venues, to showcase products and services in unique and engaging ways. Let’s see how one big Australian retailer is using truss to create a unique shopping experience.

BCF Retail Fitout

BCF is a well-known name in Australia, with over 130 stores nationwide specialising in boating, camping, and fishing gear. The project involved the installation of over 900 pieces of truss, including 290 box truss lengths, cubes, and base plates, using Titan AV's high-quality truss systems. To make the display pop, illuminated lettering, photo banners & orange plexiglass were incorporated for a striking contrast.

BCF 4x4 shop display

BCF 4x4 shop display
Close up view of truss structure inside BCF store
Truss structure inside BCF store

Safety was a top priority, and that's why Titan AV's truss systems are independently and extensively structurally tested in Australia at the University of Southern Queensland’s Centre for Future Materials. Trust us when we say our truss systems are built to last. To learn more about Titan AV truss testing, visit our blog.

Flexibility + Versatility of Truss

By using truss in the retail fitout, BCF gained the flexibility to adapt the display to fit other spaces for future display ideas. This not only makes the display more versatile but also represents a smart investment for commercial displays in the long run. To learn more about truss, you can checkout our ‘buyers guide to truss’.

The BCF retail fitout is a terrific example of how truss can be employed to create captivating and distinctive displays in the endlessly competitive retail industry.

Whether you are a retailer, event planner, or a business owner looking to showcase your products and services in a unique and engaging way, it's worth considering the benefits of truss for your display needs. With its flexibility, versatility, and durability, truss can help you take your display to the next level. Truss it up with Titan AV and bring your retail displays to life.


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