Custom Foam Insert for Oculus Quest VR Headsets

by Shannon M on February 23, 2023

When it comes to training for high-stakes situations, such as firefighting, it's important to ensure that equipment is well-protected and organised. And that includes your virtual reality (VR) headsets, which are an essential tool for simulating hazardous scenarios.

But let's be real - you can't just toss those bad boys into any old case and hope for the best. That's where a custom foam insert comes in! It's the perfect way to protect your headsets and keep 'em organised while you're on the go. 

Rick making a custom CNC foam inserted

For the Queensland Firies, we custom designed this foam insert to fit the specific dimensions and shape of the Oculus Quest VR headsets. But not just the headsets, it also provides secure compartments for cables, chargers, and other accessories. And let's be honest, we all know how frustrating it is to untangle cords - ain't nobody got time for that!


In-Built Charging System

The case insert is made with rugged EVA foam which is dust-free, non-toxic, impact resistant and immune to mould. But you know what’s really special about this VR case? It’s unique hidden cabling system!

Virtual Reality Case with hidden cabling for in place charging

Hidden Cabling for easy charging

Designed with layered foam, this custom built insert neatly hides cables to easily charge 5 Oculus Quest VR headsets, Wi-Fi and an iPad from inside the case. Hassle-free charging, super cool right?! 

Virtual Reality headsets and gear case

Manufactured in Australia

Titan AV foam inserts are designed & cut by our team in Brisbane using CNC router machines, capable of precision cutting various materials like foam, aluminium and plywood. With CNC technology we can create foam inserts to perfectly fit & protect your equipment for years to come.

CNC milling EVA foam in our Brisbane warehouse

With this custom foam insert, our Aussie firefighters can rest assured that their VR equipment will be well-protected and ready to use when they need it most.

Give your gear the home they deserve!



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