Securely house your tech gear

by Shannon on August 04, 2020

Looking for a convenient solution to organise & protect your digital equipment? Titan AV floor standing enclosed server cabinets are the ideal setup for server rooms or free standing in offices. They’re also a popular choice with installers in the AV industry who use them as a media control hub for homes.

Enclosed rack cabinets are commonly used to house servers, DVR's, monitoring equipment, patch panels, telephone systems, PABX systems + practically anything to do with home or business networking.

The benefits 

Sure, you could resign yourself to storing your valuable tech equipment in a cupboard or on the floor but here are 6 reasons why you should invest in a server cabinet:

  1. Lockable
    Secure your valuable digital equipment with lockable front & rear doors with a glass panel built into the front for easy monitoring + tempered glass for safety. 
  2. Controlled Airflow
    Vented panels & fan panels built into the roof allow for controlled airflow & cooling that will improve the efficiency of your technical equipment.
  3. Easy Access
    Cable entry via the top and bottom + 2 removable side panels + wheel mounted = easy setup & access for ongoing maintenance.
  4. Organisation
    Store all of your digital equipment in one organised place to easily troubleshoot potential tech issues.
  5. Long Lasting
    Made out of cold pressed steel Titan AV server cabinets are strong, durable and secure.
  6. Portable
    If you decide to move locations your tech equipment is already organised in a server cabinet ready to transport.

However, whilst enclosed rack cabinets enable you to lock your gear, control airflow & keep things tidy if you're looking for a budget option or a cabinet that’s even more accessible then checkout our range of Titan AV open racks. Or if you're looking for a smaller server cabinet to mount on your wall then our Titan AV wall mount server cabinets are your best bet.


Size matters!

Titan AV floor standing enclosed rack cabinets come in 18RU, 22RU, 32RU, 37RU & 42RU heights and 600mm deep.

All Titan AV enclosed floor standing server cabinets include:

  • Castors
    4 wheels come mounted to help maneuver racks.
  • PDU
    Power Distribution Unit with 6 outlets mounted at the bottom rear of the cabinet to get your electrical gear up & running ASAP.
  • Rack shelves
    Fitted with 2 or 3 fixed shelves depending on the height of your model. 
  • Fan panel
    2 or 4-way fan panels (depending on the size of the cabinet) are built into the roof of Titan AV floor standing enclosed rack cabinets for cooling & controlled airflow.
  • M12 adjustable feet x 4
    You have the option to switch out the installed wheels with these adjustable foot cups.
  • Keys
    2 keys come supplied to secure the front & rear doors.
  • Rack bolts and nuts
    Pack of 20 high quality cage nuts & black M6 bolts with washer to attach your 19" rack mount equipment.
  • Rack mount markings
    Labels indicating rack units are clearly marked up the rack frame: e.g. 1RU, 20RU, 42RU.
  • Earth wire
    Earthing is used to protect you from electric shock.



Store it, whatever it is

Titan AV server cabinets are compatible with our complete range of 19" rack mount accessories. Want to store equipment that isn’t rack mountable? Not a problem with our popular range of 19" rack shelves, drawers and other accessories that make it suitable to house non-rack mount equipment.

Unsure which server rack accessories are right for you? Check out our server rack accessories video mini series.

Fully Assembled + 3 Year Warranty

Titan AV enclosed rack cabinets are supplied and delivered completely 100% assembled, all you need to do is take it out of the box and start installing your hardware, simple as that! For added peace of mind all Titan AV server cabinets come with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

Why pay retail?

Thousands of AV, IT & Communications Installers across Australia choose Titan AV server equipment & you should too!

If you're in a related industry & have an ABN (Australian Business Number) then you may be eligible to get access to everyday VFM trade pricing, exclusive offers & massive discounts. Join for free!

If you’d like to learn more about any of our range of server racks & rack mount accessories, get in touch with VFM today. Our team is standing by to provide friendly advice to help you to choose the best solution for your needs. 


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