Let's talk Server Racks

by Brad on November 18, 2019

Whether you’re an I.T installer, AV installer or just want to tidy up your home office, Titan AV have a wide range of server racks from wall mounted to floor standing.


No place like home

With the ever-growing need for digital media in our lives things can get messy.  Cables everywhere, routers and modems, backup hard drives, server computers.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to store all of that?

Many of us now have a home office, or at least a corner of a room that we have our back up hard drives, printers, internet modems, routers, switches and sometimes even patch panels.  With a wall mounted server rack we can get all of that mess up off the desk and put away in a tidy and professional looking solution.

All of our Titan AV server racks have a smart looking powder coated finish with a tempered glass lockable door.  Perfect if you want to turn the internet modem off at night and lock it so that kids can’t get to it.


The office

Multiple computers in the office = a lot of networking equipment.  Hubs, access points and switches, bridges and routers, print servers and files servers, we’re going to need a place to store all of that.

Depending on your needs you might find a 4RU 300m deep wall mounted rack will be perfect for a home or small business setup or perhaps a massive 42RU floor standing rack if you’re setting up for a medium to large business.


The technicals (that's a real word, right?)

Supplied fully assembled and made out of cold pressed steel, Titan AV server cabinets are strong, durable and secure.  Tempered glass and a lockable door with two keys included.  Powder coated black to look sleek and professional.  All of our server racks comply with ANSI/EIA RS-310-D. ETSI standard.

Selected models come with shelves and fans fitted and exterior slots to assist with cable management.


Wall mount server cabinets

Wall mount cabinets are designed to be quick and easy to install whilst being sturdy, functional in design and of a smart appearance. Our range offers a wide array of features, with wall mount data cabinets available from 300 to 440 to 500mm deep with our non-hinged version and 600mm deep in our hinged version with quick access removable side panels for easier access.


Floor standing server cabinets

Titan AV floor standing server cabinets are perfect for users who need something with a little bit more space or need that option to be able to move around the room.  With two different styles, open rack and enclosed.

Open rack – is exactly what it sounds like.  With no sides or doors these are the

perfect option for equipment that needs a bit more airflow, like audio amplifiers.

  Open rack is also a more affordable option for those who want a simple, not over the top solution just to house or tidy up your I.T or audio equipment.  Ranging in sizes from 8RU to 42RU, all with adjustible depth from 410-510mm. All Titan AV open rack server cabinets come supplied with caster wheels (2 with brakes, 2 without brakes).  These are perfect for domestic and commercial application.

Enclosed - ideal for server rooms or free standing in offices. Features include a lockable front door with glass panel, lockable rear door, two removable side panels, cable entry via top and bottom and vented panels for cooling. Our Titan AV server cabinets are made out of cold pressed steel which makes this server cabinet strong, durable and secure.  Supplied and delivered completely 100% assembled, all you need to do is take it out of the box and start installing your hardware - it is as simple as that!  Our server racks are built around the universal 19” Rack-mount standards, perfect for use with our extensive range of 19" rack mount equipment and 19" rack mount equipment from other Vendors.  Ranging in sizes from 18RU to 42RU with a depth of 600mm


Rack mount accessories

With a wide range of accessories you’re sure to be able to fit out your Titan AV server cabinet to suit your particular requirements.

Cage nuts – consisting of a square nut held inside a spring steel cage these

nuts give you the ability to screw your accessories into any RU space in your server rack. The cage nut is inserted into one of your RU mounting holes to then hold the screw in.  It is essential to use these cage nuts to screw your hardware in.  Our Titan AV server racks come with a pack of rack bolts and nuts but if you need extra we do have them available in packs of 20.

Drawers – our 19” lockable steel drawers come in sizes 1RU, 2RU, 3RU and 4RU.  At 350mm deep they will fit into any of our server racks and are a great place to organise clutter and essential items.  Also available for our 2, 3 and 4RU drawers are our pick n pluck foam kit is a great solution for storing those delicate items or if you’re just a neat freak and love that everything has its place!


Cantilever - available in 1RU and 2RU and from 200mm, 280mm and 400mm deep.  The cantilever is perfect for general storage, keyboards, routers, digital tv boxes and tools.

Fixed – available in 355mm and 555mm depths, these bolt directly to the side of the rack as opposed to the front part of the rack.

Sliding – we have a 1RU 350mm deep sliding shelf that is perfect for keyboards or monitors that need to be accessed frequently.  With a vented base to help with airflow and sturdy sliding rails.


Patch - 24 port Cat5e and Cat6 patch panels are 19” rack mountable, can be terminated using both KATT & a 110 Tool providing termination for 22 – 26AWG.

Vented/blank – coming in sizes 1RU, 2RU, 3RU, 4RU, vented and blank panels are perfect for tidying up your spare RU’s in your server rack.  Blank giving a clean and tidy look and the vented serving an extra purpose of air flow.

Cooling fans – be it single roof mount fan kits, dual roof mount fan kits, 3RU 19” rackmount fan panels through to 1RU 2 way and 4 way fan kits there are plenty of options here to add some extra air flow into your server rack.

Cable Management

Whether you’ve got tens or hundreds of cables, cable management is an important way to make sure you’re organised and if anything goes wrong with your setup and cables you can easily get around what can be a major mess.

With a range of 19” rack mountable lacing bars, cable rails and brush type panels to feed your cables through.  As well as cable ties and Velcro hook & loop cables ties in multiple colours to organise your cables.

Rack it up

So if you’re tired of all the mess and clutter that comes with the wonders of todays technologies.  Whether you’re looking for a solution for residential or a commercial setup.  Somewhere to put your google home or Chromecast, your Apple TV or your Netgear routers, switches and hubs, servers, printers, Crowd DJ Nightlife system, Foxtel boxes, practically anything to do with home or business networking, server racks might be the solution for you.


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