Introducing our brand new look...

by Shannon M on March 31, 2022
We Are Titan AV+ As our products have evolved to meet the changing needs of our customers our brand has also evolved.

+ More than AV

We’ve come a long way. Originally known as VFM Audio, Bill Eckert first launched the business in Brisbane in 2001 with our proprietary brand Titan Audio. Eleven years later, we changed our brand name to Titan AV to better reflect our expanding range. Since then, Titan AV has expanded beyond audio visual equipment to become a leading brand of quality rigging, cases, comms, and everything else you need to perform!

More than AV

+ A brand new website

With a new look comes a brand new website, front and back! We’ve moved over to the Shopify platform to provide a more streamlined experience for our customers. If you love shopping on your phone then you’ll love the new product quick view and mobile optimised design. Plus all the old features you love like buy now, add to wishlist, and easy product searches.

A look at our brand new website

+ Refreshing our logos

Our logos have had a facelift. We’ve simplified them a bit, with tweaks to their shape and bright new colours to match our optimistic vision for the future.

New vs Old Titan AV and VFM Group Logos

+ Growing responsibly

We’re focused on bettering our people and products. With this new brand identity we aim to share more about who we are, why and how we do what we do. Whether that’s through our recycling, manufacturing or safety initiatives, our collective goal is to grow responsibly.

Rick, Bill, Kerri and Debbie. Team Titan AV

+ There’s more to come

Last year, we conducted a series of structural tests on our lighting truss. The tests would determine the limits of what our Titan AV+ 290 box truss can do. They were the biggest test of their kind ever conducted in Australia! This year we’ll be sharing the test results + behind the scenes footage so you can see for yourself just how much weight Titan AV truss is capable of holding. Hint: It’s a lot! Stay tuned.

Behind the scenes footage of structural tests on our Titan AV lighting truss



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