How do you move TVs? Here's how...

by Shannon M on June 28, 2022

Make transporting your TVs hassle free with a Titan AV Dual TV Case. Suitable for housing two flat panel 60-70" LCD, QLED, OLED & plasma TV's. 

Titan AV Dual 60-70" LCD Plasma TV Case

Made out of 9mm anti scratch, tough and hard-wearing Hexa pattern laminate plywood. Encased in aluminium edging and Titan AV chrome corners.

Secured with Penn Elcom Steel butterfly latches (pad lockable). Easily manoeuvre this TV case with 16 x Titan AV spring loaded recessed handles.

This road case also features punched piano hinges and a label dish to stay organised. Plus, It'll be smooth rolling with 4 x Titan AV 150kg 4”/100mm blue rubber (Hi-Tech PERFORMA wheels), two with brakes.

Inside, this case is lined with high impact foam assuring transported TV's arrive safe and sound. Adjustable panels make for quick customisation of the internal size to suit most flat panel TVs between sixty and seventy inches.

Watch the video below to learn more or checkout our Titan AV 60-70" Dual TV Case on our website.



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