Gearing up your sports club

by admin on June 02, 2019

Whether you’re a rugby, soccer, hockey or tennis club, we’ve got the equipment for your sports club!  Let me field some of your frequently asked questions… field… that was a pun…

Public address system

Question: We need something to sound a horn out to our players on the field to start and stop our sports game.  Do you have anything like that?

Answer: Sure, our DIY Footy Field PA System – Small comes with two 60W horn speakers, a 120W mixer/amplifier and 100m of speaker cable to connect it all up.  This setup is perfect for vocal announcements, sirens/horns or a bit of background music for up to the size of a football field.

Mobile PA storage solutions

Question: We have a mixing desk, microphones and amplifier that need to be

rolled out every Saturday for our game.  Do you have an all-in-one solution to help us protect our equipment?

Answer: Absolutely! Titan AV stock a wide range of Titan AV cases on wheelsThese are perfect for racking your amplifiers, installing steel drawers to keep your mics in or even adding a PDU power rail to tidy up your power management.  Wheel them in, take off the lid and you’re good to go!

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Cable management 

Question: Our soccer club office is a mess!  There are cables everywhere with computer cables running across the floor.  Do you have anything to help organise this place?

Answer: In today’s world, computers are all the rage. So to connect your computers up to an internet router or to connect all of your computers to the one printer, you’re running lots of cat cables throughout your club. 

Firstly, you can tidy things up by having a server rack, this is where you store things like backup drivers, routers/modem, CCV camera hard drives and Foxtel boxes.  Titan AV server racks come in small format wall mounted versions like our Titan AV 4RU 300mm Deep Wall Mount Server Rack, to our biggest Titan AV 42RU 800mm Deep Server Rack Cabinet on wheels.

Titan AV has a great range of cable management solutions:


Check out the Titan AV range of server racks and accessories

Portable outdoor truss

Question: Being a sporting and community club we do a lot of things outside. It would be great if we had something to hang up banners for sports days or even hang a screen on for our outdoor cinema nights.  We can’t leave it setup all the time & we don’t have a lot of room to store it.  Would you have anything that might suit multiple applications?

Answer: Our Titan AV 290 Flat Truss Archway 3m x 2.5m With Road Case is a very popular solution with community clubs, market stalls and sporting clubs hosting outdoor events. It's sturdy yet compact design (just 3 metres wide) is perfect for marathon finish lines, outdoor advertising banners or to hold an outdoor cinema screen. The whole setup packs down into a wheeled road case (1130 x 590 x 620mm) for your convenience giving you the flexibility to transport it anywhere via car or van. It’s a great multipurpose setup!

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So I hope by answering some of these questions we’ve helped you to kick some goals... anymore puns and I’ll be given a time out

If you'd like to discuss your particular requirements feel free to get in contact for a chat to one of our sales staff.



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