290 Lighting Truss

290 Truss

400 Lighting Truss

400 Truss

200 Lighting Truss

200 Truss

Tube Lighting Truss

Tube Truss

Base and Top Plates Lighting Truss

Base & Top Plates

Light Frames for Lighting Truss

Light Frames

Lighting Truss Accessories

Truss Accessories

What makes Titan AV lighting truss unique?

Titan AV Lighting Truss

Incredible strength.
Incredibly versatile.

Designed in Australia, Titan AV lighting truss is built by master welders using quality aluminium for the strongest stage truss. Learn more about Australia’s most trusted lighting truss.

Safety tested in Australia.
Factor rated protection.

Your safety is our No 1 priority, that's why Titan AV is the only Australian independently tested lighting truss! To learn more about stage truss safety tests, visit our blog.

Titan AV Stage Truss Safety Report
Unveiling the Strength of Titan AV Stage Truss! ūüí™

Independently tested by Structural Engineers at the Centre for Future Materials, our lighting truss withstood loads like 3.2 Tonnes for a 3-meter piece and an astonishing 26 Tonnes for a 1-meter vertical piece. Curious to learn more?

ūüĒć Read The Report
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What is it? How do I use it? Where do I start? In this guide, you’ll learn the basics of lighting truss and how to choose the right stage truss for your needs.

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Custom designed lighting truss structure

Lighting Truss System Designs

Looking to invest in a large-scale truss structure? We can assist you in designing & supplying the perfect aluminium truss structure for your needs. See our custom lighting truss design for XGolf Brisbane.

Powder Coated Lighting Truss Colours

Powder Coated Lighting Truss

Make your truss blend into place or create a feature with custom powder coated aluminium truss. Choose from a wide variety of colours. Contact us for a quote.

Thinking about investing in lighting truss?


Yeh Nah, We do not drop ship! Never have, never will.
We do NOT drop ship!
Never have, never will.

Rest assured, we only sell what we have in stock! When you order at those products are at our Brisbane warehouse ready for Australia wide delivery. We pride ourselves on fast dispatch, with most items going out the same or next business day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lighting truss,¬†also known as stage truss,¬†is a strong framework used to mount and support lighting and sound equipment.¬†Truss is modular and dynamic. This means truss connects together (like giant LEGO¬ģ) to build¬†changeable structures.¬†¬†Truss is typically constructed from aluminum or steel and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

You can learn more about the basics of trussing on our blog. 

Choosing the right size of lighting truss is critical. The size of truss you choose will depend on the size and weight of the equipment you plan to mount, as well as the size of area you need to cover. Lightweight (100) trussing is for decorative displays and should not be used for rigging heavy equipment. Mid-weight (200) truss for retail, exhibition and small touring displays. With heavy-duty (290 & 400) truss made to rig large amounts of weighty AV equipment, indoors or outdoors.

The lighting truss numbers refer to measurements. For example, 290 truss is 290mm x 290mm from the outside of each large tube that defines its shape, known as chords. The higher the number, the bigger the lighting truss, the more heavy-duty its application. If you are unsure what size you need, give us a call for a chat about your unique needs.

There are many different shapes of lighting truss available, including flat, triangular, box (or square truss), and 5 chord truss. Each type of truss offers its own advantages and can be used for a variety of applications.

Different shapes of truss can also be used together. Tube and flat truss make great additional supports and mounts to rig off for larger tri or box truss structures.

When it comes to lighting truss, there are a few accessories you should consider to maximize the truss's potential. The most important accessories include clamps, spigots, shelves, brackets, base plates, adapters and mounts. Clamps are used to secure gear to the truss, while spigots (or connectors) are used to join multiple pieces of truss. Truss scrims are made of lightweight fabric and can be used to hide unsightly wires, or to create special effects with lighting. Lastly, truss base plates provide stability and support to your structure. 

It’s important to note that truss accessories are fit for 50mm (290 & 400) or 32mm (200) truss. These measurements refer to the diameter of the main chords (largest tubes on the truss). They will ensure that you match the right sized clamp, spigot or mount for your size of truss. For example, 290 truss has 50mm chords requiring 50mm accessories.

Powder coated truss allows you to be change the colour of your trussing. Adding a custom colour powder coat to truss is an effective way to stand out, stay hidden or be creative. Theatres and convention centre's often powder coat truss to blend installations into the ceiling or backdrop out of sight. 

The powder coating applies as a free-flowing dry powder, then cured under heat. It provides a stronger finish and is more resistant than paint. Because powder coating covers the truss, it's thus possible to scratch off. This is why powder coated truss is ideal for applications that need little to no transportation. 

Building a structure from lighting truss can be a fun and creative process.  Anyone can assemble small truss structures all you need is a hammer and a little muscle. To make things simple trussing is genderless, meaning it will connect at either end with precise alignment. If you'd like to watch us assemble a basic box truss arch head over to our blog.

The amount of weight a lighting truss can safely hold will depend on its size, material, and construction. Generally, trusses are designed to hold up to a certain weight capacity, so it is important to check with the manufacturer's specifications to ensure it can safely support the weight of the lights you plan to hang from it. Additional factors like high winds, storms and unstable ground conditions should also be taken into account.

Note: Large-scale truss structures may need specialised load shifting equipment, such as chain motors, chest harnesses and arresting shock absorber lines, to safely erect the aluminium truss. You should always consult a structural engineer for advice related to your application.

Yes, Titan AV truss is independently tested and certified in Australia to meet the highest safety standards. This is important because not all lighting truss are created equal! Differences in welding, manufacturing and raw materials can make or literally break truss. Lighting truss structures often hold hundreds, if not thousands, of kilos above patrons. With this type of risk, it’s critical to know with 100% assurance that it's safe to use. 

We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers, which is why we have our trusses tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure our aluminium truss meet industry standards. You can learn more about Titan AV truss safety tests on our blog. If you have any questions about the testing process, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help!