Seamless Integration

At Titan AV, we recognise the uniqueness of every AV setup. That's why we provide custom solutions meticulously designed to meet your specific needs. Our team of experts works closely with you to create bespoke solutions that seamlessly integrate with your equipment and deliver top-notch performance.


Custom made AV case fitout by Titan AV

Custom Made Gallery

From precision-cut foam inserts to meticulously crafted components and one-of-a-kind AV accessories, Titan AV transforms your ideas into reality. Discover our range of Australian Made CNC machine cut solutions designed for a variety of gear, including speakers, MacBooks, VR equipment, microphones, radios, and more.
Australian made custom CNC foam insert with removable layers for Uniden UH755 handheld radios, SM755 speaker microphones, DT755 chargers, and a powerboard with concealed cables
Australian made aluminium custom CNC display for Acetech
Australian made custom CNC foam insert with removable layers for three Apple Macbook Pros and chargers
Australian made custom CNC foam and plywood insert, featuring a removable storage tray
Custom foam insert for a roadcase holding a flyrack, cables, batteries, and so on
Custom CNC case for two Meyer U-X40 speakers with cable storage space
Custom CNC removable foam storage inserts for four Sennheiser radios
Custom CNC case insert of foam and plywood for four Fusionwash XLVIII lights plus storage
Large order of 20x foam inserts for Pelican cases, each holding a vertical monitor, cables and accessories
Custom CNC foam inserts for 6x Motorola radios and mics, batteries, cables and a charger in a Titan AV waterproof case
Customised flyrack with an added logo, finished with a coloured powder coat

Creating a Custom Case
with Built-In Charging

Challenge: Fire Safety Training Solutions sought a customised case to safeguard and recharge their virtual reality headsets. They needed a charging system integrated into a case for convenient recharging on the go.

Solution: Titan AV created a one of a kind, CNC machine cut, foam insert with a built-in charging system. Its innovative design features layered foam that cleverly conceals cables within the case for hassle-free charging and superior protection.

Bulk order of computer cases lined up in our Brisbane warehouse

Bulk Orders for Custom Solutions

As a small team with high standards, we currently focus on fulfilling bulk orders (10+ units) for our custom solutions to ensure financial viability.

We understand the need for scalability and offer the flexibility to produce large quantities without compromising on quality. Our advanced CNC manufacturing ensures consistent excellence in every piece, whether it's custom foam inserts or precision components. Trust Titan AV for premium, custom-made AV solutions, crafted in bulk to meet your needs.

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Why choose Titan AV?

At Titan AV, we take immense pride in the details. With 20+ years in the Australian AV industry, our innovations solve problems, save time, and outlast. From the meticulous design phase to the final product, we indulge in our obsession with precision and attention to detail.

We're not just perfectionists; we're perfectionists on a mission, ensuring that every piece of gear we create is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Rick next to our CNC machine

Want something custom made?


Frequently Asked Questions

CNC manufacturing involves the use of computer-numerical-controlled machines to automate the fabrication process. If you've never come across a CNC machine before, picture this: it sounds like a roaring jet engine, resembles those massive air hockey tables, and works as a computerized wizard guiding a router for ultra-precise (often down to fractions of a millimeter) cutting. These machines follow precise instructions to cut, shape, and carve materials into desired forms.

To provide customised solutions, we follow a well-defined process.

  1. Customers provide their specific requirements, we thoroughly review the request & gather all necessary details.
  2. Based on the information received, we prepare and send a custom quote to the customer. Once approved, our experienced team swings into action.
  3. Our team creates a precise digital design aligned with the customer's requirements, which is then loaded into our advanced CNC machine.
  4. The CNC machine employs its precision cutting capabilities to fabricate the desired shapes and cavities from high-quality materials like EVA foam, EPE foam, aluminum, or plywood.
  5. The finished products undergo a thorough inspection to ensure quality and accuracy, followed by meticulous cleaning and preparation for packaging.
  6. Finally, the fully custom fit solutions are delivered to the customer.

Throughout the process, we maintain close communication with our customers to ensure their satisfaction and address any queries or concerns that may arise.

At Titan AV, we understand the importance of timely solutions. While some jobs can be completed in just a matter of days, please note that there is no standard wait time. As a 2-person team dedicated to crafting your custom gear, we appreciate your patience throughout the process. We continually work to enhance our efficiency, ensuring the quality of your custom gear is never compromised. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're committed to delivering exceptional results.

Yes. Titan AV creates a diverse range of custom products beyond AV solutions. These include foam, aluminum, and plywood solutions.

Keep in mind that CNC machines have size restrictions, usually around 4 feet by 8 feet, but we can create customised products within these dimensions with precision and top-notch quality. Whether it's AV equipment or other unique creations, our CNC capabilities bring your visions to life. If you’d like to see more of our custom CNC creations, you can visit our blog.

Absolutely! Alongside our custom foam inserts, Titan AV supplies road cases and waterproof plastic cases in various sizes, ensuring optimal protection for your AV equipment. From compact to large options, our high-quality cases perfectly complement our foam inserts, offering comprehensive solutions for AV professionals and enthusiasts.

Yes, we salvage whatever CNC off cuts we can to minimise waste and promote sustainability in our manufacturing process. Some of the leftover foam is used in our packaging or donated to a local Brisbane recycling initiative, Reverse Garbage. Whilst not everything can be salvaged, we strive to utilise the materials efficiently and reduce unnecessary waste wherever possible.