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          At Titan AV, we proudly introduced the first Australian-designed Audio Cable tailored for AV professionals. Our comprehensive range now includes professional-quality XLR, TRS, Guitar (TS), and adapters, each crafted to exceed the highest standards. Meticulously engineered with twin conductive PVC inner shields, a 100% braided shield, cotton yarn wrap, and a rugged heavy-duty rubber sheath, our audio cables ensure pristine sound reproduction in any setting, from live performances to studio sessions. Designed in Brisbane, Australia, our audio cables boast unrivaled durability and reliability, backed by a lifetime warranty. Experience the difference with Titan AV as we redefine what it means to be at the forefront of pro audio connectivity.

          XLR Female to Female Connector


          0.5m XLR Cable


          3 Pin XLR Female Connector


          3 Pin XLR Male Connector


          Titan AV 1/4" TRS – 1/4" TRS Pass-through Panel Mount Connector


          10m Shielded EtherCON CAT 6 Cable


          Titan AV CAT Tail, etherCON to Quad 5-Pin XLRM


          Titan AV CAT Tail, etherCON to Quad 5-Pin XLRF


          15m XLR Loom | 8 Way Multicore Stage Snake Cable


          15m XLR Cable


          Titan AV 50m CAT6A Shielded EtherCON Cable


          Titan AV Y Cable - XLR3F to Dual XLR3M


          Titan AV 20m CAT6A Shielded EtherCON Cable


          20m XLR Cable


          Titan AV 3m 1/4" to 1/4" Right Angle jack, Green Guitar Lead


          Titan AV 0.3m 1/4" Mono Jack Guitar Patch Lead, Multi Colour Pack of 6


          Titan AV Audio Cables

          Welcome to the world of Titan AV Audio Cables, where excellence in audio connectivity meets unparalleled durability and reliability. Crafted with precision and engineered to exceed expectations, our range of professional-grade audio cables and connectors ensures pristine sound reproduction in every application, from live performances to studio sessions and installations.

          1. Adapters & Connectors Dive into our range of adapters and connectors, built for ergonomic, high-quality audio solutions. Backed by a lifetime warranty, they're the perfect fit for your patch panels.
          2. EtherCON Cables Take your audio connectivity to the next level with our EtherCON Cables. Crafted in Brisbane for resilience in any setting, they boast secure connections and unparalleled durability. Plus, they're backed by a lifetime warranty.
          3. Guitar Cables (TS) Whether you're jamming on stage or in the studio, our guitar cables deliver reliable performance. With solid-core copper conductors and a lifetime warranty, they're built to last.
          4. Stage Boxes and XLR Looms Our stage boxes and XLR looms are your go-to solution for professional setups. With high-quality connectors and durable jackets, they're ready for any live event.
          5. TRS Cables From studio sessions to live performances, our TRS cables guarantee top-notch performance. Trust by audio professionals worldwide, they're engineered for optimal signal transfer.
          6. XLR Microphone Cables Elevate your audio experience with our XLR Cables. Designed for outstanding audio reproduction and backed by a lifetime warranty, they're the choice of discerning enthusiasts everywhere.

          Discover the difference with Titan AV Audio Cables – where innovation meets reliability, setting new standards in professional audio connectivity.

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