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          Amplifier racks, as the name suggests, are primarily designed for audio amplifiers, but the functionality extends far beyond that. Our amplifier rack cases are versatile solutions, accommodating AV gear such as mixing desks, FX units, guitar amplifier heads, tuners, digital guitar amplifier simulators, and even storage for microphones, cables, and tools in dedicated drawers.

          At Titan AV, we prioritise functionality and durability. Our amp rack cases are not just practical; they're also designed to withstand the demands of touring and live performances. Choose from our classic hexa ply finish or opt for the lightweight and robust X Series cases. Elevate your gear organisation with Titan AV Amplifier Rack Cases — your reliable companion for every musical journey.

          2RU Rack Case


          3RU Rack Case


          4RU Rack Case


          6RU Rack Case


          8RU Rack Case


          8RU Rack Case with Wheels


          10RU Rack Case with Wheels


          12RU Rack Case with Wheels


          14RU Rack Case with Wheels


          16RU Rack Case with Wheels


          2RU Shallow Rack Case


          3RU Shallow Rack Case


          4RU Shallow Rack Case


          6RU Shallow Rack Case


          8RU Shallow Rack Case


          Microphone Case with 4RU Rack & Drawer


          People also ask

          • What equipment can I rack in the Amplifier Rack Cases?

            Our Amplifier Rack Cases are designed for versatile use. You can rack audio amplifiers, mixing desks, FX units, guitar amplifier heads, tuners, digital guitar amplifier simulators, drawers for accessories, and more. Invest in 19" rack mountable shelves and drawers for additional flexibility in mounting routers, wireless microphone receivers, and IEM receivers.

          • Do your Amplifier Rack Cases include rack screws and nuts?

            Absolutely! Each Amplifier Rack Case comes with a set of high-quality rack screws and nuts. These accessories are specifically designed to fit your 19" AV equipment, ensuring a secure and straightforward setup. With everything included, you can effortlessly organise and protect your gear without the need for additional hardware purchases.

          • How durable are the Amp Rack Cases for touring purposes?

            Our Amp Rack Cases are constructed to be TOUR READY, offering robust durability for AV professionals on the move. The cases are crafted with 9mm hexa laminated plywood, providing a sturdy and reliable solution for touring musicians and sound engineers.

          • What sets the classic black plywood finish apart from the X Series cases?

            The classic hexa laminate ply finish is known for its timeless and stylish look, ensuring your gear stands out. On the other hand, our new lightweight polypropylene X Series cases offer added convenience, making them a suitable choice for those prioritizing portability without compromising durability.

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