How to create awesome displays in small spaces with 200 Truss!

by Shannon on April 12, 2021

Looking to make a big impact in a small space?

Create awesome displays for your showroom or event with our new high performance truss!

How you display lights, signs, banners, TVs, speakers, flowers & decorations has never been so limitless thanks to Titan AV 200 truss. This modular framework gives you the display bones from which to let your imagination run wild.

Modular design

Assembled from inter-locking modular pieces, made from the strongest aluminium alloy (6082-T6), truss structures can be built to your current design ambitions and specific budget. You can start small with a handful of truss pieces, then grow your kit to accommodate for grand new designs.

Great for rental spaces

Regardless of whether you own or rent a premises, with truss you're able to create stunning displays that can adapt and move when you need them to. Truss displays blend form and function to help you show off and sell your products and services. Thanks to the innovative conical coupling system our Titan AV 200 truss is fast and easy to assemble or disassemble.

Easy to move

Barely taller than a bottle of Bundaberg Ginger Beer, Titan AV 200 truss (200x200mm) is easy to transport as it fits comfortably into vans + most cars.

Suitable for interior use, 200 truss is ideal for small to medium businesses & organisations looking to setup their own displays onsite or as a portable trade show booth design. It's a popular choice with community groups, expos & trade show exhibitors, wedding displays, florists, musicians, gigging bands, DJs, tribute bands, hosting karaoke nights, shop front signage, food truck displays, retail fitouts, production companies and conference centres.

Easy to setup

Truss is super easy to assemble, the first setup (like most things) will take longer than usual, but once you get the hang of it truss is like piecing together a giant Lego or Meccano structure. To see what it's like to build a box truss arch watch the video below featuring our Titan AV 290mm Box truss.


New to truss?

When it comes to truss we know there is a lack of information available to help newcomers navigate the basics & discover the creative & practical possibilities of its application. Our team at Titan AV want to simplify the jargon so anyone looking to make dynamic displays can access the right truss for their needs. If you'd like to learn more about truss you can read our Truss Buying Guide.


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