NEW: Open Racks with Sliding Base

by Brad on May 20, 2020

We're accumulating more and more digital equipment for our homes and offices with less space to store all our valuable technical gear. So what can we do about it? 

Enter our Titan AV Open rack with sliding base. Giving you a place to store your equipment and also the ability to hide your rack into a cabinet while still providing access for maintenance and upgrades.


Firstly, what is an open rack??

You’ve seen the big enclosed server racks in movies. Big server rooms filled with computer equipment and flashing lights from floor to ceiling.

An open rack is essentially that, but without the doors and walls to enclose the server rack. This is great when airflow is a priority, allowing air to circulate through your rack and keep your equipment cool without the need for multiple noisy fans. Open racks are also a cheaper option and saves on space without those bulky walls and doors. 

For more information on our Titan AV open racks check out our blog, “Get your IT storage sorted with an Open Rack!

Sliding Racks 101!

Your Titan AV open rack is mounted to the spinning base and then your spinning base is secured to a sturdy surface, usually inside a cupboard or cabinet. Once mounted inside it will then be able to slide out and rotate the open rack for access to all sides.

All sliding bases feature;

  • Load rating to 32KG
  • Slide out distance of 500mm
  • Cable management tray to keep your cables in place when sliding your open rack in and out,
  • Fixed rack depth of 505mm
  • Made from cold pressed Steel and finished with a black powder coat
  • Front & rear 19" rack rails

Titan AV open racks are supplied flat packed to make shipping more secure.  They are easy to assemble and only take 10-15 mins.  Topped off with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty its easy to see why professionals accross Australia use Titan AV.

Why would you need a spinning base?

Let's face it, most of us aren't masters of cable management and our servers don’t look like this…

Here’s where I drop the hint that we have a massive range of Titan AV cable management 19” rackmount accessories you can use to up your cable management game!



With office and home floor space being at a premium, If you can, it  helps to hide your server rack out of sight.

It's great we can hide our rack away but often we have to re patch cables, add a new bit of equipment or just do some general maintenance, that's where the spinning base becomes invaluable! With the ability to slide your open rack out from your hiding place, access your equipment and then slide it back in to hide your important gear such as your internet routers, hard drives, hubs & switches and streaming or foxtel devices.

Size matters!

Coming in various sizes from 8RU, 10RU, 12RU, 15RU and 18RU. Choosing the right size for you depends on a few things;

Equipment needs - how much gear do you have to mount in your open rack? Do you need 8RU or 15RU of rack space for your gear? Check out our blog “Tips for setting up your new rack!” for more information on what you need to know about figuring out what size rack you need.

Physical space - how much space do you have for your server rack? Is it a small cabinet under the stairs or a nice custom made space in your hallway or walk in wardrobe. Generally speaking, it's better if you can go a bit bigger than what you need right now to future proof your setup.

So to save space and still have access to your open rack, consider installing a Titan AV Open Rack with sliding base into your home or workplace to make the most out of your limited floor space. Hundreds of AV installers, IT installers, carpenters, electricians and tech enthusiasts all over Australia are using Titan AV server rack equipment. For more information check out the website with all of the sliding base open racks available online.



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