Introducing Titan AV's All-New Flyrack X

by Danni Thompson on August 25, 2023

Stronger. Lighter. Sleeker. Introducing the all-new Flyrack X. Perfect for DJs, musicians and sound engineers who need their equipment portable and protected.

The Flyrack X collection is designed to fit into a range of lightweight waterproof cases, including our very own Titan AV Waterproof Range or Pelican cases, so that you can transport your gear without a worry. They feature rack rails on the front and back, making them perfect for digital mixers like the Midas MR range, Behringer X-Air range, Allen & Heath QU-SB & QU-PAC, Soundcraft Ui range, and much more.

Australian Made

We cut the Flyrack X using CNC technology, meaning we have optimised the design and custom-cut the pieces to maximise efficiency. The combination of hexa plywood and aluminium reduces the weights of these flyracks to 2.1kg, 2.3kg, 2.55kg and 3.1kg for the 2RU, 3RU, 4RU and 6RU Flyrack X's respectively. The two side panels are made from hexa plywood with ergonomic handles and the top and base panels are made from a powder coated aluminium.

These flyracks have been designed, manufactured and assembled in our Brisbane warehouse. Proudly Australian made – just how we like it!

The Collection

The new Titan AV Flyrack X collection is available in 2RU, 3RU, 4RU and 6RU sizes, and you can check out our complete flyrack range here or check out our Australian Made range and custom CNC gallery. Are you interested in a different size or a design customised to your specific needs? Contact us by emailing for a customised quote.



Flyrack X 2RU

The Titan AV Flyrack X 2RU weighs a total of 2.1kg and features a 19" 2RU rack rail. External measurements of 505mmW x 300mmD x 145mmH.

Flyrack X 3RU

The Titan AV Flyrack X 3RU weighs a total of 2.3kg and features a 19" 3RU rack rail. External measurements of 505mmW x 300mmD x 188mmH.

Flyrack X 4RU

The Titan AV Flyrack X 4RU weighs a total of 2.55kg and features a 19" 4RU rack rail. External measurements of 505mmW x 300mmD x 233mmH.

Flyrack X 6RU

The Titan AV Flyrack X 6RU weighs a total of 3.1kg and features a 19" 6RU rack rail. External measurements of 505mmW x 300mmD x 323mmH.


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