How to setup a home studio

by admin on October 15, 2018

Do you want to lay down some song ideas or demos for cheap at home? I'm going to show you what you need to setup an affordable home studio

Get yourself an Audio Interface

The UMC202HD is the thing that connects your microphone to your computer and the off that you can record into the recording software of your choice, such as: Pro Tools, Logic, Studio One, Reaper, any at all.

The UMC202HD has Midas design preamps It's the same preamps that are in X Air models and the X32s. It's got 2 channels, so you can record vocals and guitar at the same time. It also has phantom power to run your condenser microphone straight from the unit.

Microphone and headphones

Next is your microphone, the Behringer C-1 is a condenser large diaphragm microphone. This is great for vocals or acoustic guitars.

Next, you'll need some headphones. Using headphones is a great way to hear yourself clearly whilst recording. Grab yourself a microphone stand, that way you can mike up your vocals and your acoustic guitar anywhere you want in the room.

Now you're a professional studio recording artist.


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