Australian Made Base Plates.

by Shannon on June 02, 2021

Base plates are a key element for supporting your truss structure at outdoor events or indoor displays. The base plates mount to the bottom of standing truss and provide a sturdy footing for the structure while top plates offer an additional mount for speakers & lights.

Titan AV's new range of aluminium base plates and top plates made in Australia

Back saving base plates

Today Titan AV is launching a new range of aluminium base plates and top plates designed to make your life a lot easier. How’s that!? It all comes down to weight, Titan AV ally plates are a third of the weight of their steel counterparts.

“The biggest advantage of aluminium over steel is it’s lightweight. It doesn’t kill your back which you won’t appreciate until you try and pick up a steel plate, then you’ll see what I’m saying! Plus It’s still very strong considering its weight.“

Rick Eckert
Titan AV Product Designer

Crikey they're light!

As a weight comparison our heavy-duty Titan AV 800 base plates are 40KG in the steel & only 12.6KG in aluminium, turning a two man carry into a manageable solo effort.

Both base plates offer the same great functionality with multiple mounting positions that allow you to hide or tuck away the base plate for a cleaner look. This handy feature often goes unseen but can make a huge difference in fitting your truss structure neatly into place.

Multiple mounting positions of the Titan AV 800 base plates for ultimate versatility

"Lighter plates are better for physically lifting but also loading your trucks. If you’ve got 30 of the 40kg steel plates you’ve got 1.2 tonnes in the back of your van or truck, that’s straight over your GVM for most vans and smaller trucks! But if you go with an ally plate it’s only 12.6kg which is a massive weight saving... You're welcome!"

Being lightweight isn't the only reason to choose aluminium. Unlike steel, aluminium does not rust! Aluminium has a very good resistance to corrosion so if you’re working in coastal environments then it’s obviously a better material (than steel) to use.

certified Australian Made products

You beauty!

Best of all Titan AV aluminium plates are made in Australia! They’re designed & manufactured by our team in Brisbane using CNC router machines capable of precision cutting. Titan AV ally plates are cut from 8mm 5005-H34 aluminium sheets (6mm in the 200 range) and covered in a hardwearing matt black powder coat.

Titan AV aluminium plates are compatible with 290 box, tri and flat truss as well as the new 200 box truss - perfect for creating exhibition stands or retail displays - and will also suit Global truss, Euro truss and most other brands of 290mm & 200mm trussing systems.

If you'd like to learn more about Titan AV truss checkout our truss buying guide.


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