7 Tips to Find the Right Sized Server Rack

by Shannon M on May 22, 2023

Hey there, tech-savvy friends! TL;DR: Picking the right server rack size is the key to a hassle-free IT setup. We're here to help you navigate the options and find the perfect fit for your equipment. So, grab a drink and let's jump into the world of server rack sizes!

1: Rack Units

There are 2 important measurements to consider when looking for a server rack, depth and height. With server racks, height is not only measured in millimetres but in RUs. An RU (or Rack Unit) is a pre-defined measurement that refers to the vertical square holes in a server rack. Think of RUs as building blocks for your server rack, each measuring 1.75 inches tall. Count those units carefully, so you don't end up with gear spilling out like an overstuffed backpack on the first day of school.

To calculate the depth of rack you need, simply measure the designated space in your room & the depth of the largest device you wish to store.

2: Don’t squish your toys! 

Measure your available space like a seasoned carpenter to make sure your chosen rack fits without having to pull a muscle. You don't want to play a game of Tetris with your equipment, do you?

3: Equipment Dimensions

Not all gear is created equal Before setting up your rack, it's important to consider the dimensions of your gear. Ensure that your equipment fits comfortably within the internal dimensions of the rack.

You don't want your servers so close they're practically spooning, or so far apart that they're like two strangers at a party. Additionally, remember to leave some extra space if you need to connect cables to the back of your rack-mounted equipment. 

4: Plan ahead!

In the ever-changing world of technology, it's crucial to consider the potential for future needs. The network switch you have now might require an upgrade sooner than expected, and additional equipment like hard drives, audio amplifiers, or DSP processors may need to be added. Think about the future and choose a rack that can grow with you. It's like getting pants that'll stretch with you as you grow.

5: Weight Capacity

Don’t go overboard! Check the weight capacity of your rack, so it doesn't buckle under pressure. You don't want your servers crashing down like a tower of Jenga blocks.

6: Cooling and Airflow

Keep your tech chilled! Your equipment needs some airflow to stay cool and perform at its best. Look for racks with ventilation features, like roof mount or rack mount fans, that'll keep your servers chilled as.

7: Cable Management 

Organised cables in your server rack are crucial. It keeps things tidy, prevents mishaps, and simplifies troubleshooting. Choose a rack that ensures cord organisation and a tangle-free life. Utilise cable management solutions like rails, lacing bars, and brush panels for dust-free and aligned cables. Labeling and using colored cable ties enhance accessibility. Good cable management also helps with airflow and makes it simpler to add or change equipment later on.

There you have it, folks! By considering rack units, available space, equipment dimensions, future growth, weight capacity, cooling, and cable management, you'll be able to pick the perfect rack for your equipment. So go forth and claim the server rack that’s right for you!


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