19" Shock Mount Rack System Assembly Guide

by Brad W on December 23, 2022

Our Titan AV Shock Mount Rack Systems are one of our most popular products for event production, IT specialists & builders.

Shock mount systems are available in two depths 450mm and 550mm deep with the 450mm depth available in 2RU, 3RU, 4RU, 6RU and 8RU. And the 550mm deep available in 8RU, 10RU, 12RU, 14RU and all the way up to 16RU.


 19” Shock Mount Rack System Assembly Instructions (2RU up to 16RU)




A 4x 19” Rack Rails
B 1x Top Frame (with Titan AV logo)
C 1x Bottom Frame
D 16x M4 Nuts & Bolts Set
E 8x M6 Bolts & (Spring + Flat) Washers
F 8x Shockproof Corners






Phillips Head Screwdriver
8mm Socket & Ratchet







STEP 1: Grab the top frame [part B, with the Titan AV badge on it] and lay it upside down.

STEP 2: Get one of the 19” rack rails [parts A] & slot the end with the highest number into the groove of the top frame.

STEP 3: Use 2 of the M4 nuts & bolts [parts D]. Push through, pinch between the bits of metal, lock nuts on it. Loosely tighten.

STEP 4: Repeat 3 more times with each rack rail.

STEP 5: Once all rack rails are connected to the top frame, get your bottom frame [part C] and lay it on top taking care to line up the metal grooves.

STEP 6: Use the remaining M4 nuts & bolts to connect the bottom frame to the 4 rack rails, loosely tighten.

STEP 7: Once you’ve used all M4 nuts & bolts, go back through & tighten all the bolts to ensure the unit’s nice and square.

STEP 8: Screw the shock mounts [parts F] into each of the 8 corners using M6 Bolts & Washers [parts E]. After attaching the first 4, rotate the frame to attach the remaining shock mounts.



STEP 9: Celebrate because you’re done!


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