Titan AV Road Case Rivets & Washers -Set of 100
  • SKU: RC-SP-R

Titan AV Road Case Rivets & Washers -Set of 100


    This 100 pack of rivets and washers are the exact ones used on the Titan AV road cases, rivets will fit nice and snug with the 5mm diameter mounting holes found on 90% of road case hardware including other brands. Perfect for securing wood into ally angles and extrusion, mounting braces, corners and handles.

    Rivets are supplied with washers, washers are used when there is no backing plate for the rivet to go through. Washers will add strength to the mounted hardware by increasing the surface area of the rivet, this is a standard feature with all Titan AV case.



    • Heavy duty
    • Ally mill finish colour
    • Perfect for repairing cabinets, cases, custom builds & PA projects
    • Warranty: 12 months
    • Material: Aluminium
    • Rivet size: 20 x 4.5mm (L x Diameter)
    • Washer size: 12mm (Diameter) 
    • Washer Mounting hole: 5mm (Diameter)
    • Colour: Ally mill finish colour
    • Net weight: 0.5 kg (100pcs rivet & washer)
    • 1 x Titan AV Rivet & Washer 100 pcs pack