Titan AV Truss Spacer Spigot 20mm
Titan AV Truss Spacer Spigot 20mm
  • SKU: TR-HC50-SP2

Titan AV Truss Spacer Spigot 20mm

    This spacer spigot is ideal for spacing out truss lengths and erecting truss towers. High quality billet aluminium with a polished finish. Supplied with 2 x Pins & clips. Perfect for use with 290mm Box, Tri and Flat lighting Truss.




    12 months manufacturer's warranty
    1 x Spacer spigot, 2 x pins & clips 
    Spaces truss apart 20mm 
    Heavy Duty
    Polished finish
    Very high quality build and design
    Fits 290 Tri & Box Truss, TAV Truss, Alu Truss & Global Truss
    Perfect for use in stage, DJ, Band, Lighting applications, Pubs, Clubs, Churches, Schools, Shop displays and exhibitions
    Weight: 0.3Kg