Titan AV 19
Titan AV 19
Titan AV 19
Titan AV 19
Titan AV 19
Titan AV 19
Titan AV 19

6U Shallow Rack Case with Plastic Hard Shell


    Sleek, stylish, and insanely rugged, this Titan AV X-Series 6U Shallow Rack Case boasts a strong lightweight Polypropylene shell, TUFF latching system and a water resistant design. Lids include rubber gasket seals to keep water out, other standard features include front and rear steel rack rails designed to work with cage nuts and M6 machine screws. Flush carry handles, latches, and non-slip rubber feet are a few more features that set this case apart from the run of the mill. With a racking depth of 265mm most modern 19" rack equipment mount in perfectly, this rack depth of 265mm can be found across the range 2RU3RU4RU, 6RU FX rack cases.

    Titan AV 6U Shallow Rack Case is manufactured out of Polypropylene plastic through the process of injection moulding, polypropylene has excellent mechanical properties with high resistance to structure fatigue, impact and heat unlike the more common ABS and polyethylene racks cases available in the market. 

    Titan AV hard cases have been designed to keep your delicate equipment safe from impact, water, moisture, dust and able to withstand harsh environments. Perfect for transporting sensitive equipment such as 19" rack gear, audio electronics, satellite communication equipment, GPS, computers, defence and military equipment.



    • Material: Lightweight FX-2PP (Polypropylene)
    • Water resistant: Yes (Please note water resistant NOT waterproof)
    • Air pressure valve: No
    • Rack details: Industry standard 19" rack, 6RU height
    • Lockable: No
    • No. of TUFF latches: 8
    • No. handles: 2
    • Recessed wheels: No
    • Stackable: Yes
    • Airline check-in: Yes
    • Airline cabin carry-on: No
    • Warranty: 2 year


    • Interior dimensions (W x D x H): 489 x 305 x 275mm (cover depth 40mm front & rear)
    • Exterior dimensions (W x D x H): 580 x 435 x 345mm (With covers on)
    • Exterior dimensions (W x D x H): 580 x 340 x 345mm (With covers off)
    • Rack to rack distance: 265mm
    • Internal volume: 41L
    • Weight: 9.3Kg

    *Check with your airline carrier before travelling*