The hunt for the perfect case

by Shannon on December 21, 2020

Why is it so hard to find a good case?

As a photographer, I just want something reasonably priced (good luck), lightweight (camera gear weighs enough), waterproof & rugged (for touring adventures) + some sort of padded system to arrange my gear the way i like it. Too much to ask?

Let me save you the trouble of shopping around - you’re looking for a Titan AV Hard Case! 

Titan AV Hard Cases will protect & organise the gear you love without breaking the bank. They're 100% waterproof (neat), lightweight (phew) + virtually indestructible (challenge accepted!) They also come with a 2 year warranty.

Gear too heavy to carry? Try the Titan AV wheeled series popular as waterproof camera cases, keyboard cases & protective gun cases.

Customise your case

When you invest in a Titan AV Hard Case you don’t just get an empty case - imagine that!? Included with all Titan AV Hard Cases is Pick’n’Pluck foam to customise your case - no tools required - just use your fingers to pluck out pre-cut foam cubes to fit your gear.

Padded dividers

Want the flexibility to change your case layout? Padded dividers enable you to rearrange your gear to suit your inventory of equipment or application.

Padded dividers are popular for photography & videography equipment, pro audio gear + the 5003 Titan AV hard case with padded divider makes a great first-aid kit.

CNC cut foam inserts

If you're looking for a super-satisfying way to organise, protect and transport your valuable equipment for years to come Titan AV offers a range of premium foam inserts that perfectly fit your gear. 

Designed & manufactured in Brisbane using CNC machines, Titan AV CNC Cut Foam Inserts are made to suit specific makes and models of microphones, belt packs, laptops, and technical gear. Made from EVA foam - impervious to mildew, mould, rot and bacteria - to keep your electronic equipment moisture free.

Unsure which foam to use? Read our article on choosing the right foam for you. To learn more about Titan AV off-the-shelf custom case solutions, click here



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