Limited space I.T storage solutions

by Brad on September 23, 2020

Wall mounted server racks are great for keeping your I.T equipment neat and tidy and all in one place.  But traditional wall mounted server racks can be bulky and take up a lot of room.

Wouldn't it be great if there was something smaller and more compact to fit your networking & I.T gear in? Well there is! 

Vertical Wall Mount Cabinets

Our new Titan AV 19” Vertical Wall Mount Server cabinets are the perfect solution to your ‘storage with limited space’ problem.  Perfect for setting up your home office or if you have limited space in your small business.

Sizing up your needs

Available in 2RU 300mm & 4RU 300mm, 2RU 420mm & 4RU 420mm variations.  The smaller version is perfect for keeping your internet modem, NAS/Media sharing hard drives, patch panels & network switches. The bigger 420mm version is perfect for all that stuff and more, like your servers and rack mount security systems.


You asked for it

With hundreds of pro I.T installers across Australia using Titan AV gear we get a lot of feedback on what the professionals would like to see in our products. And guess what, we listened!

Our vertical wall mounted racks are now fitted with reversible hinged doors, allowing you greater flexibility to mount your server rack in any corner or awkwardly sized cupboard, nook & cranny.


Keep it tidy

We’ve got your cable management covered with multiple cable glands & punch out panels placed around our servers racks giving you plenty of options with running your cables neatly into and out of your vertical wall mount server rack.  We’ve even included a brush panel on top to keep the dusk from getting in, no one likes a dusty server rack!


Features across all Titan AV vertical wall mount server racks;

  • Static load capacity 60kg 
  • 3 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • 1 x 120mm Fan cut out on the base (Fan NOT included)
  • Powder coated: Black
  • Rack bolts and cage nuts supplied
  • Vented front door
  • One security lock with 2 keys



So if you’re looking for somewhere to store your I.T, AV & security system gear securely but don’t have a lot of room or just want to tuck your server rack away and out of sight, take a look at our range of Vertical Wall Mount Server Racks.

Also for more information on server racks you can check out our blog "Lets talk Server Racks"




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