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Your guide to 100 mini truss

by Brad on November 03, 2020

Lighting (or stage) truss is used to create structures to hang your lights, speakers, signs, curtains or LED screen. Quick and easy to setup and pack down, truss is great for concerts, theater, performing arts, trade shows and endless possibilities for creating the space and setup you need.  Whether you’re going as big as an outdoor stage or as small as a storefront window display, Titan AV has the right truss for your needs.  Our truss size can be packed down into 3 categories, mini, 290 & 400

Let’s take a deeper dive into our 100 mini truss.

Who uses mini truss?

Titan AV 100 Mini truss is used for decorative purposes.  The majority of industries using it are florists, wedding event planners, corporate functions using our mini truss to create amazing visual art work at events all around Australia.

What styles does it come in?

Box - is perfect for creating storefront window fitouts and ceiling beams to hang fairy lights and decorations from.

Circle - truss looks great for centerpieces.  Perfect for displaying the bride & grooms name and decorating the truss with flowers and lights.  Circles are great for chandelier type decorative pieces at weddings, parties, anything.

Accessories - our mini truss doesn't have a huge amount of accessories, you could say your options are mini...... We do have our Titan AV Mini clamp which is a full wrap around clamp that will hold small fixtures and bits and pieces on your lights.

Shapes & Sizes

Mini truss is 100mm, that's why it's called mini! The main tube is made up from 20mm thick tubes with a wall thickness of 2mm.  The bracing is 5mm.  It is tiny truss which is why we suggest you only use it ‘decorative truss’, it has no rigging or loading certification so we don’t suggest you hang anything heavy on it.  It is available in lengths of 0.5m, 1m & 2m.


We have two sizes of circle available. A 1m circle and a 2m circle. They both come in half circle pieces and it's as simple as putting them together with the spigot, pin & clips supplied.  You may always want to create some funky shapes with it like ‘S’ shapes.

How do you join truss together?

So you’ve got your lengths of truss picked out.  How do you join them up? All of our pieces of truss come with a set of spigots, pins & clips to join your truss together.  But what if you wanted to make your truss into different shapes? Our 100mm mini cubes give you 6 directions to work with giving the flexibility to put your truss in heaps of different shapes and sizes.

Here is a video showing you how to assemble truss.  It’s 290mm size truss shown in the video but it's the same principle when putting together our mini truss.


What’s it made out of?

Titan AV truss is made from high quality 6082-T6 Aluminium making it lightweight, strong and resilient against weather such as harsh sun rays.  So it will be safe in your store front window for a long time and still look great!

Load rating and certification

As mentioned earlier, our mini 100 truss is only designed for decoration purposes, therefore it doesn’t have any riggin or load rating certification.  If you’re after something stronger to deal with structural demands check out our 290 and 400 range of truss.

What can you do with truss?

There are a million and one ways to use truss.  Mini truss is perfect for floral arrangements, fairly lights and lightweight banners.  When you want that ‘truss look’ but don’t want to carry around a heavier 290 truss structure.  Use it for shop front displays and hanging lightweight signage or an arch way for your entrance way to your venue. Perfect for floral centerpieces and wedding decorations.

If you’re interested in something stronger, load rated and used for more structural applications check out our blog on 290 truss.


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